Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 31

Day 31 -
Write about if/how the August Challenge has changed your life.

I think we should just start off by saying 'awww' as today is the last day of the August Challenge.
 The last 31 days really have changed my life. I think August is when I really began blogging as I'd sort of forgotten about it after my first post. This month I blogged everyday, and I've realised how much I love it.
In August I started talking to Sarah more, and I can honestly say I love that too.
I feel like writing everyday has improved my English as its made me notice the little things that I get wrong and I now make those mistakes less.
I have also learnt how to spell 'August' this month too. As we don't go to school in August, I'm not writing it down in the date everyday, so I guess I've just never learnt how to spell it, but now I can. I know that sounds rather weird, but I can honestly say its true.
I think this Augusts has been one of the best Augusts I've ever had. I didn't fly across the world on holiday or have tea with the queen, in fact I did nothing really, but I've liked doing nothing. After being at school for what seems like months on end and exams to revise for, it was nice to just stop for a month. Stop with all the revision *well most of it*, stop with the homework *apart from the bits I got from the harsh teachers* and stop with getting up early five days a week. But now September is practically here and it shall all go back to how it was, but it'll be worth it in the end.
Now the only thing left to do is to decide what days to update my blog on...

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  1. Harsh maths teacher definitely. 20 pieces is just pure evil!!