Thursday, 15 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 15

Day 15 -
Write 10 Good Things About 10 People.

I don't thing I even know 10 people, well anyway... But oh well, we'll see how this goes.

1. She's crazy (but in a good way, I think)
2. She's funny
3. She's beautiful
4. She's super smart
5. She's kind
6. She's a weird child
7. We have tonnes of memories
8. She makes me smile
9. She's determined
10. She's strong (both mentally and physically)

Emily (another one)
1. She's lovely
2. She's smart
3. She's beautiful *I think this is going to be a recurring one*
4. She's funny
5. She's caring
6. She's odd (but in the best way possible)
7. She's a blogger
8. She's full of strange facts
9. She has good taste (in pretty much everything)
10. She's brave

1. She's beautiful
2. She's funny
3. She's a great listener
4. She's sweet
5. She's an strange kid (in the best way)
6. She's amazing
7. She's loving
8. She knows how to make me feel better
9. She's one of the strongest people I know
10. She watches good TV *that's a weird one...*

1. She's the best sister ever
2. She's makes me laugh
3. She's beautiful
4. We will laugh about something that not even remotely funny for at least 10 minutes
5. She's loving
6. She's odd *of course, she's related to me*
7. She's always there for me
8. She's incredibly generous
9. She's thoughtful
10. She's strong

1. She's probably the craziest person I know
2. She's so funny she could be a comedian
3. She's beautiful
4. I grew up with her
5. We have so many memories
6. She can whistle through her ear
7. We have traditions
8. She makes me smile
9. She's weird
10. She has many ridiculous nicknames for me

1. She's a good dog
2. She says woof
3. She doesn't understand the concept of fetch...
4.... or a chew
5. She's scared of squeaky toys
I have no idea what I'm doing any more. She isn't even a person. I apologise for the weirdness of this.

I might try and finish this off at some point and actually do 10 people and not animals.

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  1. Awww, you sweetie. But brave? pfft, I would run a mile if you asked me to do a skydive, and that's called chickening out if you ask me. Thank you xxx
    EmilyBelleBlogs x