Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hair Pin Twist Review

Happy Sunday!
Today I shall be reviewing these 'Hair Pin Twists' that I brought a few weeks ago. Online, they can be found under many different names, but if you search that, you should be able to find some.
I've seen these around in shops for quite some time now, but have only recently given in to actually buying them. These particular one's that I brought are from Matalan and were £4 for six pins, but I unfortunately can't find them on their website.
They are little sparkly flowers made out of small crystals on a metal spiral that you twist into your hair. Mine have flowers on, but you get some with pearls, studs, anything really. Before I brought these, I thought that I would have trouble keeping them in my hair, but I was wrong. All you have to do is twist them clockwise into your hair and they stay all day. Sometimes I check if they are still there throughout the day, as they are so light I forget they are there, and just twist them back in slightly. They are just more of a decorative item though rather than a pretty replacement for bobby pins. Although, they do manage to hold small bits of hair such as stray strands of hair that may have fallen out as the day progresses.

I think that these hair pins work and look best when your hair is up. My favourite ways to wear them are dotted about when my hair is in a bun or when it is braided, especially in a fishtail braid, although I'm not too good at them. I love how they look in my hair and think they would look good in all hair colours and styles. I also really like how you are able to dress them both up and down with the placement of them and the style of your hair.
I would suggest these to anyone who asks as I absolutely adore these and I can't wait to buy more in different colours and styles!

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