Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Because I'm Happy...

Happy Wednesday! 
I feel like today's song is a bit of an obvious one as it seems to be played everywhere at the moment but I love it. It will come as no surprise to those of you who know me that this song is Happy by Pharrell Williams.

I've had this song in my head, non stop, for the last 5 days. The clue is in the title, but this is just such a happy song, it makes me want to jump around and clap like a lunatic. 
I've never really heard many of Pharrell Williams' songs before, only the ones that have made it into the charts, but I'm definitely going to check them out now!   
A lot of the time I tend to get sick of a song once it's been played a lot, but I really think that this song will be the exception. 
I think this is really great feel good song about not letting others bring you down. 
I'm sorry, I don't really have a lot to say about this song other than the fact that I love it. 
I'll try and make next weeks more interesting.
Thanks for reading, see you Sunday! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Simple Eye Corrector Pen Review

Happy Sunday!
Today I shall be reviewing the Simple Kind to Eyes, Eye Corrector Pen. I picked this up a few weeks ago when I went shopping and I use it pretty much every time I wear any eye make up. 
This is basically a little pen that removes fallen eye shadow, eye liner mistakes and those random bits of mascara that manage to appear half way down your face. I was a little sceptical of buying this product as I hadn't really heard much about it and I had managed to talk myself out of buying it many times before, but I am so glad that I decided to buy it in the end. 
The tip of this pen is rather fine so is great at just removing little bits of eye liner and not taking of a great chunk. This beautiful creation is from Simple so of course it does nothing but wonders for your skin as it contains vitamins that smooth and soften your skin and doesn't leave your skin with greasy marks from where you've used it. 
Even waterproof mascara is no match for this Eye Corrector Pen, as it easily removes it straight away. 
The only thing I don't really like about this product is that you have to clean it after you use it otherwise the mascara, for example, that you have just removed will absorb into the tip of pen and so won't work as well the next time you go to use it. It's easy to clean though, you just have to give it a little wipe with a Simple Cleansing Wipe and your done. It just annoys me a little having to take the time to clean it in the morning when I'm in a rush, which is pretty much everyday. 
Overall, I really do love this product and I think it's definitely worth the £5 I spent on it. 
Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Say Something

Happy Wednesday!
Continuing with the little series I started last week about music (you can check out last weeks post here) this week I will be reviewing-ish another song. I say 'reviewing-ish' because its sort of a review but it's mainly just my feelings towards a piece of music of which I happen to find beautiful. But a review is just basically your thoughts and feelings towards something so I guess you could call this a review, but I'm not really helping you make an informed decision on anything like you would if this were a product you were thinking about buying. Although, it could be, you could be deciding whether or not to buy this song. Okay, I'm putting way to much thought into this.

This weeks song is Say Something by A Great Big World. This is the first song by them I have heard by this band but I'm definitely going to check out more of there music.
When I first heard this song I automatically assumed that it was sad purely because of the tempo and instruments, but after really listening to the lyrics I started to think about it in a different way.
I think that this song is incredibly personal for the person who wrote it but because of that so many more people can relate to it because it is true and honest. I love songs like that, ones that you can relate to at some point in your life, they're my favourite.
Although the main repeated line of this song is 'say something I'm giving up on you' I don't really think that this song is about giving up, but more about moving on from a relationship where you had tried so hard for it all to work but in the end you had to realise what is best for yourself in all of this and walk away.
I love this song and I'm pretty sure it's made it onto my list of favourites.
Thanks for reading, see you Sunday!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

My Favourite Books

Happy Sunday! 
I hope you all had a lovely week. 
After wondering long and hard about what to write about this week I finally came to the decision to write about my favourite books. I love reading and I really need to make more time to do so. 
When I tidied my room a few weeks ago I made space on a shelf for some of my many books and in the process I put all my favourites together with out even realising until a week or so later. 
There's not really one genre of books that I read specifically, it's more of a bit of everything. I love crime books, girly books and pretty much everything in between. 
One of my all time favourites is a book called Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian I first read this book when I was in year 6, and reread it again last year. I find the story so moving and so sweet and I think that it's a book that I will carry with me throughout my life. 
Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors at the moments, I especially love her books I've Got Your Number and Mini Shopaholic. I class her books as 'girly' ones as they are quite often about romance but they are most definitely great reads. 
I think one of my favourite famous people ever is Ellen DeGeneres, she's so kind and funny and her books really are no different. She has three books but I've only read two so far, but I'm hoping to red the other one later this year. My favourite so far though is her most recent one which is called Seriously I'm Kidding. 
I remember buying this next book a few years ago purely because it was on offer, but I do not regret that purchase one bit. This book is A Friend Like Ben by Julia Romp. I'm pretty sure I cried whilst reading this and it's about a cat. Yes, I cried at a cat, but it's extremely heart-warming, if you've read the book then you would understand. 
This next favourite of mine, well technically 3 favourites, is a huge worldwide phenomenon and I completely understand why. This is, of course, the Hunger Games series. When I first brought these books I was a bit unsure of whether I would like them or not as it wasn't something I would usually go for, but oh my gosh, all three books are amazing. The films are too. I seriously cannot get enough of them. 
The last book I'm going to mention is NYPD Red by James Patterson. I brought this book in the summer and read all 481 pages of it within five days. It was amazing, I quite literally couldn't put it down. The sequal to this book comes out this year and I'm so excited. Since reading this James Patterson has became one of my favourite authors. 
After writing a bit about some of my favourite books, so many more have popped into my mind, so I have to save them for another post.
Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday! 
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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This Love is... Ours

Happy Wednesday!
The other day I came up with this idea to do a music related post on a Wednesday, it might be a song I am currently loving, one that I've loved for some time, maybe an artist I've recently discovered, a little album review, or pretty much anything music related. Music is sort of a love of mine. It just amazes me how one song can change your mood drastically as it carries such emotion within it. I especially love raw emotion in songs. When you hear a little wobble in the artist voice, or when they are practically bursting with pride and passion, I love that music allows people to share that with us, as they probably wouldn't be able to otherwise, and we could all be different people because of it. That's a weird thought, I'll let you think about that one.

If you aren't too familiar with Taylor Swift, then the title of this post will most likely seem a bit weird, but for those of you who are, it probably fills your heart with joying knowing that I'm going to ramble on out the song 'Ours'. I feel like as soon as I wrote the words 'Taylor Swift' I was greeted with a bunch of eye-rolls and people who are now debating whether to stop reading or not, but please halt your finger from clicking the little 'x' button at the top and give the song a try, please. Here, you can even listen to the song whilst reading the rest if this, or just listen to the song if you want, although I would really like it if you made it to the end of this post.

I absolutely love this song, and I sort of forgot how much so until it came on shuffle the other day. I don't think I'm able to pick out a bad thing about it really. I love the lyrics, the meanings, the structure of it, the way instruments fade in and out so delicately, the music video, the story told in the video, the different lightings in the video, the cute cat sticker on her computer screen in the video... Okay I'm going to stop now.
In the song, there is this one line that really jumps out at me which is
'Don't you worry your pretty little mind, 
people throw rocks at thing that shine'
I'm not really too sure why I'm drawn to this line exactly, but I think it has a sense of raw emotion and innocence about it. It just seems so sincere, and as if the person is saying the it's okay, it'll all be over soon because they are bigger and better than this.
I'd really love it if you gave this song a listen, even if it's just the one, I love it so much and I really want you guys to see why. 
Thank's for reading, see you Sunday! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Little January Haul

Happy Sunday! 
Last Sunday I went shopping with six of my friends and ended up spending all the money I had so today I thought I'd show you what I brought as well as a few other things I've picked up so far in January. 

The first thing I brought when I went shopping last week was the Vanilla Bliss Body Butter for The Body Shop, which was down to £5 from £13! I absolutely love the smell of this and pretty much anything else vanilla which meant I had to refrain from buying the entire shop.

Although saying that, I did buy something else from The Body Shop, the Pink Grapefruit Hand Gel. Originally, I wasn't too keen on the smell of this as I tend to prefer sweeter scents but it has definitely grown on me. This is a hand sized bottle which means it is great to carry around in your bag and use it before you eat which is what I tend to do. 

Next over to Boots where I brought three things, the first being the Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner in Black. I've been wanting to try out gel liner for a while now and decided on this one purely because it was cheaper than the others I could find. The only think I dislike about this product so far is that the brush it comes with is rather small and is a bit tricky to hold at first but when you get used to it it’s not too bad.

I then picked up the Simple Kind to Eyes, Eye Make up Remover Pads because I was running low on my current stash. I love this and have brought them many times before. They’re so quick and easy to use and do the job perfectly.
From the Simple range I also decided to buy the Kind to Eyes, Eye Make-up Corrector Pen to try. I’d looked at this a couple of times before but also persuaded myself that I didn't need it especially since I hadn't really heard any reviews about it, but last week I finally gave in. I've used it a few times now and I must say that it seems to be working pretty well at removing little bits of mascara and eye-liner that some how manage to go everywhere when you’re applying them. 
I also picked up this Rimmel London nail varnish from their Space Dust collection in the colour 003 Aurora. My sister has the purple one which is Moon Walking and I love that so I have been looking out for this pale pink version which seems to be rather hard to find as none of the Boots or Superdrug's I have been in in the past month had it. I'm super excited to try this out.
From New Look I brought this cream Jacquard Peplum Top. I decided to buy this as I don't really have anything else like this and it's always good to experiment a little. I really like the faint sort of embossed print of this as it really adds to the texture and appearance of the top. 

I also picked up this grey beanie which was half price in the sale and these black and burgundy gloves simply because my hands were cold. 
Have you brought anything this month? 
Thanks for reading and have a great week! 
I'll see you on Wednesday with a new post! 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 Round Up!

Happy first day of 2014 everyone!
An awful lot happened last year some good, some bad, but I can only hope that next year will be better. Until I thought about writing this post I had forgotten about a lot of the good things that happened this year, especially those from the first few months, because I had been so focused on the negatives. Of course you can't just forget about the bad things that happen because without them, I think that there would be no good, or at least, it wouldn't be as good anyway. Dwelling on the past doesn't get you anywhere, so here are the highlights of my year. 
The day after I went back to school after the Christmas holidays, I had the first of my three science exams which were for a real GCSE, not a practice. It meant revising all over Christmas but it was worth it in the end as I got an A. These exams seem like such a long time ago now when really it wasn't even a year ago. 
I also went to a lovely family meal to celebrate my 75th birthday. 
February seems to be a rather boring month, well either that or I just can't remember anything from it. 
In March I joined Twitter which lead to me making so many new friends that I adore and I honestly wouldn't change this experience at all, I've loved every minute of it and I hope it continues for as long as possible. 
I went on a geography trip to Cambridge to collect information for my course work, and whilst I was there, a fire occurred at my school and everyone got sent home. That's not really a good thing, but it's most definitely memorable and I'm just grateful that not too much damage was done and that no one was hurt. I also went on a little bowling and shopping trip with all of my friends which was amazing and we all hope to do the same thing in 2014.
In the 5th month of 2013 I celebrated my sisters 22nd birthday and my friend Katie's 15th for which we all went shopping and then to Nando's which was amazing. Me and my friend Emily created a fort in her room and spent the day stuffing our faces with food and watched Pitch Perfect and laughed our buts of at a bit of Michael McIntrye. All my favourite TV shows went on hiatus which turned out to be a rather painful four months, but we shan't go into that. I also created this blog in May and then I completely forgot about it for a few months (oops).
I went out to dinner with a few of my friends for my friend Laura's 15th birthday with was great although I ended up eating a salad (eew). It was also my mums birthday in June which meant cake and lots of family time in the sun. I went on a school trip to a  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) day at a local-ish museum which ended up being a lot of fun making paper aeroplanes and going round real ones. I also went to my local 'Duck Race' with probably my two oldest friends Jaye and Rosey and there is never a dull moment with those two!
WOOHOO We finally broke up from school for the summer holidays but before that I had a fair few practice exams to take, which went quite well, and sports day too, which included paint each others faces with war paint and surprisingly little sport. I also went on a school geography trip to the beach which I was quite apprehensive to go on but turned out to be a great day with the majority of my friends. In July there was the unfortunate passing of Cory Monteith, an actor from one of my favourite TV shows Glee, who will never be forgotten.
This was probably my favourite month of the year because apart from some homework I was free from school and I started to use my blog again and really enjoyed it too. I also went to the zoo with my mum and dad and spent a day in London with my sister which was great. My friend Emily had a birthday party after leaving me for 5 weeks which was an unforgettable night with all of my closest friends. This month also saw the shocking death of an actor from one of my all-time favourite shows Rizzoli and Isles, Lee Thompson Young. Rest in Peace Lee.
It was, of course, back to school for me but not before celebrating my 16th birthday with my friends and family which was wonderful! I was engulfed by the world of school once again and consequently never really did anything else. Although, this month brought the end of hiatus so all of my favourite TV shows were back with new episodes to help me get through school.
I don't really think that much happened in October, blame school.
We had a week off school at the start of November (and the end of October) in which I relaxed a lot, watched TV, a spent time with my friends and family. I also had my schools A-Level option evening which left me with the tremendous task of picking what A-Levels I want to do from September onwards. After much deliberation, I ended up picking biology, business, maths and further maths - what, I like maths? The day after options evening I had 'Learning Planning Day' where you basically have to go into school for 15 minutes to discuss targets and progress, after which I went and goofed around with my friend which resulted in us playing with Nerf guns for literally hours.
The first half of December for me was spent revising for what seems like forever as I had 12 mock exams in under a week, although whilst we were doing them, we did get to go home about two hours early, so that was a plus. I almost forgot that I also went to the Clothes Show Live and Winter Wonderland quite near the start of the month which were both two amazing days, albeit rather tiring. Once all the exams were out of the way I could finally get in the Christmas spirit! I spent the evening of the day we broke up with all my friends at a 'Secret Santa' party and then there was only a few days left until Christmas day itself! I had a great Christmas with my family being spoilt rotten, then it was New Years eve and now we're here! The last week or so has all sort of rolled into one and School seems like a distant memory, unfortunately I have to go back there in 5 days so I best start preparing myself.

In 2014, I want to focus a bit more on my blog and so I'm going to try and post every other Wednesday as well as every Sunday, although I currently have very few idea's for up coming posts so any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Have a great week (or what's left of it)!

New Year, New... Blog Design

Happy Sunday! 
The observant of you may have noticed the blog that you are currently reading is looking rather different compared to what you're used to seeing as it's all decked out with a new header and background. 
I've not really been happy with the appearance of my blog for a while now, in fact, I started planning what I wanted it to look like back in October. It's taken me that long to decide on a colour scheme and to learn the skills required to make it all. I thought it was going to be a mammoth task but it really wasn't that bad and I enjoyed doing it. I'm not quite finished with it all yet though as I still have a couple of bits to add but that should all be done in the next week or so. 
Sorry this has been such a short post but I just thought I should let you all know what's going on here and that it is still me writing. 
I'll see you all next Sunday with what should be a much better and more interesting post. 
Have a great week!