Sunday, 22 December 2013

Decorate It Yourself - Baubles

It's nearly Christmas and I've finally broken up from school after what seemed like the longest term ever, but I'm still not really in a Christmassy mood, even though my room is now completely covered in fairly lights and tinsel.
Whilst decorating my room, and my little pink Christmas tree, I came up with the idea of decorating some baubles. I remember doing this at lower school and just literally throwing glitter everywhere and hoping some would actually stick to the bauble. But this year, I decided to go with a more 'sophisticated' approach and I'm quite proud of the outcome.

To decorate your baubles, you will need:
    -  Baubles *obviously*
    -  Glitter
    -  PVA Glue
    -  Nail Varnish (optional)
    -  Glitter Glue Pens (optional)
    -  Anything else you want to put on your baubles (sequins etc..)
    -  Hairspray
    -  Newspaper
    -  Christmas music (optional, but highly recommended)

Start of by clearing at space to work in and laying a few sheets of old newspaper down to prevent getting glue stuck to everything. Then you can get decorating!

For my first bauble, I used the glitter glue pen to draw little dots around the whole ball, which didn't really take that long as all. You could do any pattern with this like swirls or snowflakes, but I just kept it simple with dots. When your finished, just leave it do dry completely which took about twenty minutes.

For my next bauble, I found some sliver glittery nail varnish that I don't use, and painted the whole bauble with it. Once it was dry, which took practically no time at all, I went over with a second coat to add to the overall sparkly-ness.

This next bauble is the one that took me the longest, but is probably my favourite. With a pen, I lightly drew out my name across the centre of the ball. I then went over the first letter in glue and placed it into a tub of silver glitter. Simply repeat these steps for the following letters. I decided to do it one letter at a time to make it neater and to prevent the glue from smudging and all the letters rolling into one big smudge. This one probably took the longest to dry too.
When you are finished, and all the baubles are dry, spray them all with some hairspray to make sure everything stays where its supposed to be. Alternatively, you could cover then all in a coat of clear glue but I went with hairspray as it was much quicker.
And there you have it! Some personalised baubles that you most definitely won't be able to find in a shop. I think these could make great presents for your friends and family, especially the one with names on.
Merry Christmas and have a great week!

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