Saturday, 3 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 -
Write about your favourite celebrity.

I'm pretty sure that's meant to say 'celebrities'. Yeah that's go with that.
I'm so indecisive I would be here years trying to pick just one. There is so many people I look up to and admire and these are just a few of them.

Cote de Pablo
Cote is a Chilean born actress who moved to America when she was 10 and now portrays the character of Ziva David in NCIS. Although she is leaving NCIS I shall continue to follow her career and support her in every way I can. Besides her undeniable beauty, she very down to earth and is extremely grateful for all she has. The fact that she is in my favourite show does help her become one of my favourite celebrity.
Michael Weatherly
Much like Cote, Michael is also in NCIS - coincidence? I think not *Rule 39 - there's no such thing as coincidences* He is married and has a young daughter Olivia, and another baby on the way, as well as an older child from a previous relationship. I think he has strong morals and stands up for what he believes in, whilst being hilarious in pretty much everything he does. When he smiles, I smile. Simple.
Taylor Swift
Rather different from the first two people I've written about, but I have looked up to her for about five years now and I'm sure I shall continue to do so for many more. I think the ways she holds herself is admirable and so is the way she has grown up in the public eye and has remained who she is throughout this time.

I have only written about 3 people here, but I can assure you there are many more people I love endlessly including the entire cast of NCIS and all of the other shows I adore.

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