Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Week In Pictures #4

Happy Sunday! 
Now, I'm sure we all knew this day was coming and as it is the 31st of August today this shall be my last daily post, well at least for a while anyway. I go back to school next week and I really don't think it would be possible to be able to balance this, school and a job successfully. However, I will still be posting here regularly, every Sunday and possibly a day in the week too! 
Now the name of this post has been irrelevant to this post so far so lets change that and get into what I've got up to this past week.
I watched Taylor's flawless VMA performance of her new single Shake It Off multiple times *including at 3 in the morning but we shan't go into that* then I went to work in the afternoon, although this seems like it has been more than a week since that happened but I'm pretty sure it hasn't. 
Ahh, Tuesday. The day I willing had freezing cold water poured over me for a good cause, and then donated too otherwise it would have been pointless. I didn't quite apprehend how long it would take for me to get dry after that which resulted in me rushing about so I wasn't late to work, but I made it in time so it was fine.
I decided today would be the day where I was really productive and did lots of school work although I ended up taking a break before I'd even started so that didn't go too well and I still have a tonne of work left to do. 
My friends Emily, Louisa, Becca and I went to Kerrys house where I think all we did was laugh for about 5 hours straight, but then again if someone is going to eat a rabbit biscuit that is bound to happen. I then got caught in the rain on my way to Sainsburys to do the food shop for my family and I forgot my headphones, so that's that. 
I'm pretty sure I spent hours online window shopping but I didn't actually buy anything so it was pretty much just another type of procrastination really. Although I think I did some work in the afternoon, but I can't quite remember which is terrible since this was two days ago oops. 
I worked what seemed to be a monstrous shift of six hours which made me super tired but then I proceeded to go out in the evening as it was my friends birthday party, which was great. Complete with bubbles, chocolate, marshmallows and of course bundles of laughter it was a lovely night. 
I think this might be the last MWIP post for a while now, but you never know, one might just pop up out of the blue one day! 
Thanks for reading! 
See you soon! 

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