Monday, 20 May 2013

err hi, I guess?
I hate the fact I didn’t start that with a capital letter.
Let’s try again.
Okay trying to hard? I think so.
I mean I'm basically writing to myself, because no one will read this. It might have something to do with the fact that I will probably never tell anyone I know that I actually have a blog (if that’s what you'd like call this rambling) or I'm just too quiet to actually talk to someone to tell them about this. For all you know I could have been standing behind you for the whole time you've been reading this. Yes, I'm that quiet. Actually, I'm not. There’s a good chance that I would have fallen over the floor, whacked my elbow on the shelf (then the other one, for good luck, obviously) then carried on walking whilst commenting 'smooth' in my head all within 5 seconds of entering your room. *this is getting weird, change the subject* I seem to live by the rule of 'don't speak unless you're spoken to' and I have no idea why. It was never enforced on me as a child or anything, but looking back *haha 'back' like I actually have a 'back' I'm 15 - a child* on it, it’s almost like it’s the easy way out. But I like it, I probably shouldn't, but I do. *wow, if anything, that just made it worse. smooth*
Anyway, that was pointless, sorry for wasting your time, but knowing me I shan't stop writing now. Oh no. I'll carry on, then in about ten minutes I'll look at how much I've written and delete 90% of it. So if you’re actually reading this, count yourself lucky, that I didn't delete this bit. But in all fairness I probably just forgot to.
I'm sort of just figuring out that this is going to be written in quite a personal way, in other words, with as few long words as possible. Sort of as if it’s me talking, I guess. *haha, i don’t talk*
Sorry, I will stop writing pointless stuff. Well, maybe anyway. I don’t know what I'll actually write on this thing *haha NCIS - no keep it normal - let face it, was it ever normal in the first place?* I'm sort of thinking reviews and 'normal people' *aka non tv show obsessed people* things but we'll see. I'm not even too sure when I will write another thing *yeah, this is more of a 'thing' than a blog* I was thinking days with a vowel in, but then I realised that's everyday, so we'll scrap that idea.
Anyway, I shall now copy and paste all of this into Word to truly see how appalling *you just spelt appalling with the name Paul in it, I'm pretty sure that’s bad enough* my spelling actually is. Then change it all to look like I am able to spell at the equivalent level of a 10 year old. Bye.