Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rizzoli & Isles // Goodbye // Review


This post is a little different from the reviews that generally take place here but after watching the latest episode of the American crime series, I feel it necessary to write this. I know that a lot of you will have never of heard of Rizzoli & Isles until now so here are a few need-to-know facts:

  • The show revolves around a Boston homicide detective (Jane Rizzoli) and her partner and medical examiner (Maura Isles) 
  • Rizzoli & Isles has just embarked on their fifth series on the American cable network TNT
  • The show is based around a series of books written by Tess Gerritson 
Last August the show tragically lost one of its main stars Lee Thompson Young and only now has this event been covered in the show.
The episode, entitled Goodbye, is the second episode into season five of R&I and revolves both around the homicide case of a lady with amnesia who believes she killed someone and also the death of Lee Thompson Young and his character Barry Frost.
Before watching the episode I expected it to mainly revolve around the death and funeral of Detective Frost, but in fact the case played quite a proportional part to the episode which I'm glad about because I think an hour of people crying would be a bit too much, despite how deserving Lee is of such a rare emotion. I found the case very intriguing and original and thought the way the writers managed to intertwine the two separate storyline's was very clever. 
I've watched Rizzoli & Isles since day one and I can confidently say I've seen every episode at least three times so as a viewer (and a rather large fan) this one was by far the most emotional. 
It was a struggle to hold back the tears from the first second when we see Maura being Maura and facetiously arranging a bunch of red roses. The number tears shed increased throughout the episode as each character slowly began to come to terms with the great loss they had all suffered. I found it very interesting how each character reacted in a different way, Jane 'seeing' Barry in the street for example, and also the order in which the writers chose for each character to have their moment as it were. I think that really shows the true personality of each character, way more than any words could. 
The funeral for Detective Barry Frost was held near the end of the episode where Jane (played by Angie Harmon) delivered his eulogy and beautifully stated "The good news is that death may have taken Barry but it can't take the memories of him. The wonderful  and perfect memories of him. Those, thank God, are ours to keep." I can't think of a better way to sum up death and I hope to carry those words with me for as long as I shall live. 
The episode ended with Jane returning to her apartment and discovering a postcard sent from Frost saying 'couldn't be better here, but I miss you anyway.' which leaves Jane on floor crying as she finally lets out the emotions she had held in for so long. Only now have I realised that the postcard could also be interpreted as a message from Lee himself from where he is now, saying that he is happier but misses his friends and family greatly. I think this is a perfect way to end the episode. 

Since Lee's passing, his family have set up the Lee Thompson Young Foundation with the aim to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness. To find out more please visit their website here. You can also donate to this very important cause here, or do something as simple as following them on Twitter

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Monday, 2 June 2014

May Faves

Well hello there!
Long time no see, or type as the case may be.
I hope you all enjoyed May as it's now gone of another year. For me, May went ridiculously fast, what with it being full with exams and all, although I now only have 4 exams left so which means that posts will hopefully be more regular again within the next few weeks. If that made sense. Basically everything should be back to normal by the end of the month.
I've found that May hasn't brought many (if ant) new favourites with it, and for that I blame revision. I appear to have just plodded on the same old road and not really changed anything up, but that should no longer be the case now that I'll have much more free time.
Okay, I'm pretty sure none of what I'm typing actually makes any sense. Maybe that's my brain telling me to stop rambling so I can go and do some English revision. But this is pretty much revision, right? I'm going to tell myself yes.
Because of my lack of physical favourites this month I decided to make a playlist of all my favourite songs of the month over on 8tracks *surprise, surprise* which you can listen to HERE or if I am techy enough then you can also click the thing below

Okay, I'm not techy enough, no wait I think I am. I don't know, just click some stuff and hope for the best. 
If you're not really in the mood to listen to the whole mix, here are a few of my top picks from the month of May:
Brand New Day - Kodaline (the song they often play during Gogglebox. Anyone else not-so-secretly love that show?) 
Be Okay - Ingrid Michaelson (There may or may not be an obsession growing here) 

Hopefully I'll see/speak/type to you all soon.
Thanks for reading!