Sunday, 18 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 -
Write down 50 words you would use to describe yourself.

*First impressions: Okay, it shouldn't be too hard
Now: When did 50 become such a big number? That's a lot of words*

This is really hard...
Musical, NCIS-addicted, weird, shy (at first), creative, geek, hard working (I think), awkward, daughter, sister, friend, *this now sounds like I've died - great* tidy (sometimes), sentimental, quiet, fangirl, *I'm looking around my room trying to think of things, but its really not working* teenager, dreamer, reader, hat-wearer *this is getting weird* dog-owner, family-orientated, loving (I think), strange, female, imaginative, TV-lover, M&M aficionado, functional mute, *nonono no TorC feels thank you* dentist-hating, sweet-tooth, spider-hating, un-sporty, nerd, odd, maths-liker, happy, excitable, childish (sometimes), immature (sometimes) weakling, jewellery-wearer, terrible photographer, crazy, music-lover, guitar-player, confused, confusing person, terrible counter, even-number-lover, sparkle-lover,
Done! That was definitely a lot harder than what I thought it ever would be!     

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