Sunday, 11 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 -
Plan your OTP's wedding.

*I'm way too excited for this*
Following on from yesterday's post of Tiva talk, today I get to plan their wedding! *yayayay*
Obviously, Ziva would be the bride and Tony the groom *not the other way around - that would just be weird, although Tony in a dress could be quite funny... or disturbing* As Ziva no longer has any family left, the wedding would involve those from NCIS, Tony's family and some of her other friends. The wedding would be set in a remote yet elegant chapel, of which DiNozzo Sr. insisted on paying for, filled with pale pink roses from Israel. As Gibbs is such a fatherly figure to Ziva, he would walk her down the aisle. The maid of honour would be Abby, and the bridesmaids Monique, and some other of Ziva's close friends. McGee would be the best man, and the ushers Jimmy, Dorneget and Ducky. Also in attendance would be DiNozzo Sr., Vance and his children, Schmeil, Breena (and possibly her and Jimmy's baby, depending on when the wedding would be), some of Tony's family (like cousins or something), maybe some people from Israel that Ziva is close with and some other people from NCIS.
Tony's vows will contain some phrases in Hebrew including 'ani ohevet otcha' and 'at lo levad' and some memories they have shared, as will Ziva's.
Now for the part I am most excited about - Clothes!
Ziva's wedding dress will be the traditional white with shear lace sleeves and lace covering the rest of the dress' fabric. The dress will be backless *everyone needs to see that gorgeous back of hers!* and the neckline that continues to follow the cut out back is lined with beads. Her hair shall be naturally curly with some of it loosely pulled back with a swirled silver clip. Her makeup will also be rather natural and she'll wear a pair of silver earrings that Gibbs gave her as an engagement present that formerly belonged to Shannon.
The front of Ziva's dress
The back of Ziva's dress

Tony will wear a black suit with a matching bow tie that was a present from Ducky, which would have came with a tremendous back story, I'm sure. His cuff links were a present from Abby and McGee, one of which is a T and the other a Z. *You can tell I took longer drawing Ziva's dress than I did Tony's suit, can't you?*
Tony's suit
As Abby is the bridesmaid, she shall wear a deep blue dress, which matches the colour of the tie worn by the best man (McGee).
At the reception, some opera shall be played in honour of Tali, and Tony and Ziva shall have their first dance to the song they danced to in Berlin 'I'm Glad There Is You'.
When it comes to the throwing of the bride's bouquet, it shall be caught by a very excited Abby.
I know, I've pretty much planned every part of this wedding, but I have had 8 years to think about it.

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