Monday, 19 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 19

Day 19 -
Create an OC (Other Character) for your favourite show, and write a mini one shot with them in.

Today's challenge instantly sent my Tiva running, and this was one of my first ideas, so I'll go with it.

Prom Night in the DiNozzo Household
The sound of the door bell rung throughout the house, followed by Tony's rushed foot steps toward to door.
          'Punctual,' remarked Ziva as sprayed the last few strands of Tali's hair into place. Although they where upstairs, they could still hear the conversation being started downstairs.
          'Er... Hey, no erm... Good evening Mr DiNozzo,' stuttered Harry as Tony greeted him at the door. He was willing to make the boy stand out in the cold but he was under strict instructions from Ziva to be nice to him. Tony opened the door a little wider and let Harry into the DiNozzo house. Harry stood as close to the door as possible as if deciding whether this confrontation with be worth it or not. Tony gave him the once over before starting with his rehearsed questions.
          'Grades?' demanded Tony.
          'Erm... all A's sir,' replied Harry nervously.
          'Hmph, you sure about that?' he pressed, starting to slip into his interrogation routine.
          'Oh erm, and a B in Health and Social last semester, but that will change sir,' Harry tried to sound as confident as possible but was sure Tony could see straight through his front.
          'You better not lie to my daughter like that,' Tony threatened, just as McGee appeared from the kitchen, with a drink in his hand.
          He walked up to Tony and whispered in his ear,
          'Calm it, he's not a suspect, alright?' Tony glared at McGee who pretended he didn't see it.
          'So, play any sports?' McGee asked casually, trying to lighting the mood a bit.
          'Err, basketball, sir,'
Just as McGee was about to reject being called 'sir', Abby's voice boomed down from the top of the stairs.
          'Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you, Miss Tali Caitlin-Kelly DiNozzo!'
Abby stepped to the side to reveal a beautiful brown haired young lady dressed in a floor length pale peach gown. Tali grabbed onto the banister and made her way down the stairs. When she reached the bottom McGee hinted with a small cough and looked at Harry.
          'Oh, yeah, I err, got you this,' he said opening a small box in his hand which held a corsage. He placed it on her wrist just as Abby called out 'Picture time!'
Abby took what seemed like hundreds of photos alternating backgrounds between inside and outside, and instating that everyone need their picture taken with Tali and Harry before they left.
          'I think that's enough pictures for now Abby,' suggested Tali, who knew they would never leave otherwise.
          'Oh, okay. You two have fun!' Abby called as they turned to walk down the path.
          'Not too much fun,' Tony shouted after them.
          'See you tonight sweetie, enjoy,' spoke Ziva softly has they left, but Tali turned and smiled, as she left for prom.

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