Saturday, 10 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 -
Write about your OTP.

*Woo double digits baby!*
Anyway... I ship Tiva with all my heart, so undoubtedly, my OTP is Tiva.
Tony and Ziva are the beautiful people who make up Tiva, and taunt us on a weekly basis with their 'strong looks' (eye sex) and their every growing relationship.
They first met back in Season 3, when Ziva's first sentence was 'Having phone sex?' She made him nervous, a definite sign of attraction. They kissed in Season 3, amongst 'other things' but, unfortunately they were undercover, although I'm sure they meant all of it.
Fast forwarding to Season 7 and we reach Somalia, the place where Ziva was tortured for months on end *sobs horrendously* and where Tony practically sent himself to die, but lucky he did not, and ended up saving Ziva. After that, their relationship sadly grew apart, but now has become stronger because of it.
Season 10 brings us to the death of Ziva's father and a caring Tony stepping forward to make sure she is okay every step of the way, even if she doesn't realise it and pushes him away. We also witnessed them slow dancing, a car crash before which they held hands and practically cannon for a matter of seconds, and even more eye sex... I mean 'strong looks' *technical term*
Secretly, or not-so-secretly as the case may be, they love each other and are going to live happily ever after and have lots of little David-DiNozzo babies. I know it.

Season 3 Tiva - Under Cover
Season 7 Tiva - Truth or Consequences
*I can't put one of those pictures there, I pretty
much died writing the few sentences earlier!*

Season 10 Tiva - Berlin
*It almost looks like they've gone backwards
in their relationship instead of forwards*

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