Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Wore at Christmas!

Happy Sunday!
I would just like to start off this post by thanking you for reading this, my 50th post. Yes, 50. The big 5-0. I've got to admit that's a little crazy, and it's gone by so fast but I've loved every second of it. Whether this is the first time you've stumbled across my blog or if you're an avid reader, I thank you as you bring such a smile to my face everyday. Here's to 50 more! 
Now, lets get down to business...
I really enjoy making outfit of the day (OOTD) posts, so this will be a combination of three days of which I enjoyed very much, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 

Christmas Eve
I didn't really do much on this day apart from see my family and deliver various presents to them. When I went out I just popped on a black jacket, black boots and a cream scarf to complete the look and to help me stay warm. 
Jumper - Matalan
Jeans - New Look
Collar - Home-made 

Christmas Day
The big day has arrived! I had originally planned to wear whatever clothing items I got that day but the shirt I got unfortunately didn't fit which called for a quick change of plan *I say quick, it took me about 40 minutes to decide on what to wear* My family and I tend to stay at home for Christmas so I never actually wore a pair of shoes apart from my slippers, but if I were wearing this outfit out then I would add a little black jacket and boots with a matching burgundy hat and scarf. 
Shirt - Matalan
Jeans - New Look *I'm starting to sense a pattern here*

Boxing Day
On Boxing Day, it was vital that I dressed as warmly as possible as I went to watch my local team play football and I was freezing, even in my multiple layers!  As well as what you can see in the pictures, I had two tops on, two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves and tights on in an attempt to stay warm, which didn't really go too well, but my team won the match so it was all right.
The jacket I am wearing is actually my dads so it's rather big but it's really thick and warm which makes it great to wear when I watch the football.
Jumper - Boohoo
Scarf - Matalan
Hat - Matalan 
Jacket - Sports Direct
Jeans - New Look

Have a great week!
P.S: I'm still trying to decide whether or not to do a 'What I Got For Christmas' post, if you would be interested in reading it, please let me know by commenting below, thanks! 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Christmas Cracker Tag

*sneeky little mid-week post*
Happy Boxing Day or to be technical, happy St Stephen's day!
I hope you all had a great Christmas stuffing your face with food or a great Wednesday of you don't celebrate Christmas. 
The other week, I was tagged by the lovely Sarah to do this, so without further ado...
1) What’s on your Christmas list?
Back in October, tickets to Taylor Swift's 'Red' tour went on sale and so I asked for them and I was lucky enough to get a pair. I was told at the time that I had got them, but otherwise they would have been at the top of my list. 

2) What’s on your Christmas Day agenda?
Me and my sister normally wake up about 7am but have to wait as we aren't allowed to wake up my mum and dad until 8. We then open our stockings in my parents room, then go downstairs to open the rest of our presents. We'll eventually get dressed and cook lunch/dinner which we tend to eat whilst listening to 'Top of the Tops'.

3) How much Christmas shopping have you done?
I would hope all of it as Christmas was yesterday. 

4) What’s been your biggest ever surprise?
Ermm, I'm not too sure. I remember getting a bike a few years ago, and my parents covered it in fairylights to disguise it into the tree. 

5) When do you normally put up your Christmas Tree?
For as long as I can remember its always been the second Saturday of December. 

6) Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas Day?
I tend to wear whatever clothes I've been gifted that day, unless I only get pyjamas or something. 

7) Do you have any special plans for Boxing Day?
Well that's today, so today I went to watch my local football team play and practically froze my fingers off, but it's okay because we won 5-1. 

8) When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?
I'm not really too sure, I don't think anyone has ever sat me down and told me that Santa wasn't real, I think it was just something I picked up and learnt as I grew older. 

9) What's your favourite Christmas scent? (candle/perfume)
I've mentioned this so many times before but I absolutely love Wonderstruck Enchanted, the second perfume by Taylor Swift. It's a mix of vanilla and floral scents and I think it's great for the winter months, especially Christmas. 

10) What do you love about Christmas?
It's the obvious, cheesy answer but I love spending quality time with my friends and family and buying them all presents. 

I tag who ever reads this tag and wants to do this. 
Have a great week!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Decorate It Yourself - Baubles

It's nearly Christmas and I've finally broken up from school after what seemed like the longest term ever, but I'm still not really in a Christmassy mood, even though my room is now completely covered in fairly lights and tinsel.
Whilst decorating my room, and my little pink Christmas tree, I came up with the idea of decorating some baubles. I remember doing this at lower school and just literally throwing glitter everywhere and hoping some would actually stick to the bauble. But this year, I decided to go with a more 'sophisticated' approach and I'm quite proud of the outcome.

To decorate your baubles, you will need:
    -  Baubles *obviously*
    -  Glitter
    -  PVA Glue
    -  Nail Varnish (optional)
    -  Glitter Glue Pens (optional)
    -  Anything else you want to put on your baubles (sequins etc..)
    -  Hairspray
    -  Newspaper
    -  Christmas music (optional, but highly recommended)

Start of by clearing at space to work in and laying a few sheets of old newspaper down to prevent getting glue stuck to everything. Then you can get decorating!

For my first bauble, I used the glitter glue pen to draw little dots around the whole ball, which didn't really take that long as all. You could do any pattern with this like swirls or snowflakes, but I just kept it simple with dots. When your finished, just leave it do dry completely which took about twenty minutes.

For my next bauble, I found some sliver glittery nail varnish that I don't use, and painted the whole bauble with it. Once it was dry, which took practically no time at all, I went over with a second coat to add to the overall sparkly-ness.

This next bauble is the one that took me the longest, but is probably my favourite. With a pen, I lightly drew out my name across the centre of the ball. I then went over the first letter in glue and placed it into a tub of silver glitter. Simply repeat these steps for the following letters. I decided to do it one letter at a time to make it neater and to prevent the glue from smudging and all the letters rolling into one big smudge. This one probably took the longest to dry too.
When you are finished, and all the baubles are dry, spray them all with some hairspray to make sure everything stays where its supposed to be. Alternatively, you could cover then all in a coat of clear glue but I went with hairspray as it was much quicker.
And there you have it! Some personalised baubles that you most definitely won't be able to find in a shop. I think these could make great presents for your friends and family, especially the one with names on.
Merry Christmas and have a great week!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013


First of all, I would like to apologise for not posting this last week but I simply just ran out of time to finish writing it. I had a rather hectic weekend last week and have mock exams for the majority of the coming week so I don't really have a lot of time to do anything right now. But lets get down to business...
On Friday 6th I was lucky enough to go on a school trip to The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. I'd never been before so I didn't really know what to expect but I've got to admit it was pretty amazing.
We arrived at the NEC just before 11am and went straight into a seminar with some fashion people and editors (I can't remember who) after which I spent the next three hours... SHOPPING!! The NEC is huge, way bigger than what I thought it would be. The shopping part of the NEC was split into four sections, 'Fashion Fix & The Bazaar', 'Vision Village,' 'The Beauty Haul' and the 'Style Boutique'. The first two were pretty much just full of clothes from literally hundreds of different brands. Everything there was rather reasonably priced with the majority of it being cheaper than it would be on the high-street. The same goes for the 'Beauty Haul' which was packed full of different brands including Models Own, Barry M, W7 and Rimmel. Pretty much all the well known brands, including the ones listed before, had incredible deals on including £50 worth of Barry M products for just £10! I spent the day with my two friends Heather and Katie who decided it would be a good idea if we each get a goodie bag from different brands then split them up between the three of us. So rather than just having products from one brand you would have three! This is what I ended up with for just £10.
What I got:
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara - £7.99
Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish in Desire 393 - £4.49
Barry M Nail Paint in Sivler 288 - £2.99
Barry M Nail Paint in Fuchsia 302 - £2.99
Barry M Supersoft Eye Crayon in Blue - £3.99
Barry M Kohl Pencil Kingfisher Blue - £2.99
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Silver - £4.59
W7 Paint The Line Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black - £2.99
In all fairness, I'm not really too sure when I'm going to use a sparkly blue eyeliner but I will most likely use the rest *or give it to my sister as part of her Christmas present so shhh*

The fashion section was like a massive market with literally hundreds of different brands and stalls that you could get lost in for hours, and the best thing is that everything is rather reasonable priced. Here I brought a jumper and a dress. The jumper is oversized, which in the picture above looks incredibly unfaltering, and is so thick and cozy which makes it great for winter. They had loads of different ones with different sports teams and univeristy logos but I chose a UCLA one simply because it was the first one I saw. The quality of this jumper is great, especially since it was only £15. 
The second thing I brought *actually it was the first but oh well* was a dress, which was also £15. I was rather unsure about buying it, but I was eventually persuaded to do so by my friends Heather and Katie, and I am so glad I did. I wasn't to sure about the colours used but now they are my favourite part of it, I just need somewhere to wear it. Although I have to admit, I really don't like the look of it in the picture, but I can promise you it looks a lot better on - or at least that's what I've been told anyway. 
After hours of shopping we got to watch the fashion show which was incredible. I have never seen anything like it before, and I know I won't be forgetting it anytime soon. For starters, we had really good seats as we were rather close to the stage and Stooshe performed who were amazing! All the clothes were based on the theme of the high street and they each had immaculate dance routines when they came out on stage. I would include some pictures of the stunning clothes here but unfortunately the majority of them are rather blurry and of bad quality as it was dark in there.
Overall, The Clothes Show Live 2013 was great and I really want to go again next year.
Have a great week!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Essentials!

I feel capital letters were vital to show how excited I am for the final month of the year, simply because of the twenty-fifth day, also known as Christmas!!
For about the past month now, I've had a list of all the things I would use/wear as soon as the first day of December came.
The first item on the list is my Christmas jumper. I only own one, at the moment, which is a purple fairisle print jumper I got from Matalan last year.
A few weeks ago my mum brought me a pair of snowman mittens from Primark which were £2. I refused to wear them when I got them though, but now that it's December, I shan't be removing them!
Christmas here in the UK tends to get incredibly cold especially on the way to school in the morning wrapping up warm in scarfs and gloves is very important if you don't want to freeze. I've still not decided what hat and scarf  I will wear for the majority of this season, but its probably between my cream and my burgundy pair.
Those who know me will know that I have a rather weird obsession with socks, so Christmas ones are a must have for me. I have a pair with Christmas tree's on them, some with reindeers, penguins and snowflakes!
Ever since I was little, I've always had chocolate coins at Christmas, and this year is no different. I brought some last week and they're sitting by my bed as they make a great little motivational snack whilst I'm revising.
I've also been listening to Christmas music at every opportunity I've had today. I really love all the old Christmas songs that I remember dancing to with my dad when I was little.
I can't wait until I decorate my room and the rest of my house in the coming weeks.
Have a great week!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hair Pin Twist Review

Happy Sunday!
Today I shall be reviewing these 'Hair Pin Twists' that I brought a few weeks ago. Online, they can be found under many different names, but if you search that, you should be able to find some.
I've seen these around in shops for quite some time now, but have only recently given in to actually buying them. These particular one's that I brought are from Matalan and were £4 for six pins, but I unfortunately can't find them on their website.
They are little sparkly flowers made out of small crystals on a metal spiral that you twist into your hair. Mine have flowers on, but you get some with pearls, studs, anything really. Before I brought these, I thought that I would have trouble keeping them in my hair, but I was wrong. All you have to do is twist them clockwise into your hair and they stay all day. Sometimes I check if they are still there throughout the day, as they are so light I forget they are there, and just twist them back in slightly. They are just more of a decorative item though rather than a pretty replacement for bobby pins. Although, they do manage to hold small bits of hair such as stray strands of hair that may have fallen out as the day progresses.

I think that these hair pins work and look best when your hair is up. My favourite ways to wear them are dotted about when my hair is in a bun or when it is braided, especially in a fishtail braid, although I'm not too good at them. I love how they look in my hair and think they would look good in all hair colours and styles. I also really like how you are able to dress them both up and down with the placement of them and the style of your hair.
I would suggest these to anyone who asks as I absolutely adore these and I can't wait to buy more in different colours and styles!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nifty Notebooks!


Happy Sunday!
The title of this post sounds rather odd, but then again most of my titles do. Lately, I've noticed how many notebooks I have and how I more than what I actually need, and for some reason, I feel need to write in detail about the wonderful creation that are notebooks.

The main notebook that I use is an A4 Pukka Pad Project Book. These books are divided into five sections which make them really handy for using the notebook for different subjects and purposes. I have two sections for homework, two for revision and then one for just random stuff. These notebooks are rather thick too, with 200 pages to use. Although they are thick, I've nearly used up a whole one since September, that's a result of the ridiculous amount of homework I get. I love this notebook so much so that whenever I see one on offer I buy.

This white design on this notebook is what drew me to it. Well that, and the fact in was in the clearance sale in Sainsbury's for only 80p. I brought this A5 notebook few weeks ago, but I've still not used it yet as I've not decided what to put in it, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I think I got this notebook as part of a set with a smaller one and a larger one a few years ago for my birthday. I tend to use this specifically for maths homework, as it generally takes up a lot of space and this way its all in the same place.

This last one isn't technically a notebook, but a diary that looks like one. I don't really use it as much as I should, but I really like it. It's the Dodo-Pad. Each week is on a page that is about half the size of A5, which has a blank page opposite specifically for doodling. I love the concept of this as I had never seen anything like it until I got mine for Christmas last year.  
I do apologise if this post has been rather boring, but its getting late as I had a lot of work to do today, but I'll definitely try harder next week.
Have a good week!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sweater Weather!

Happy Sunday!
I noticed yesterday how cold it is already starting to get as I was watching a football match (which we unfortunately lost) and my toes were frozen. This, I thought, makes it appropriate that I do the Sweater Weather tag. I was tagged by Sarah to do this tag, so here it goes!

1. Favourite candle scent?
I don't really own any candles because I don't trust myself with fire, but I do consider myself an avid candle sniffer in shops *trust me, I'm not as weird as I sound* I love anything that smells of vanilla, especially in the winter, and also pretty much every Yankee candle ever made.
2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Eww, none. Water all the way. I don't like hot drinks, they scare me. I think that I'm going to scold my throat and never be able to talk again or something equally scary.
3. What's the best fall memory you have?
*cough* Autumn *cough* I can't really thing of one specific memory that is better than all the rest, but I do remember collecting conkers when I was little. Me and my dad would go down to the park and come back with bags of them. I have no idea why because they would just sit untouched in the garden for ages, but I remember doing it every year.
4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
It's winged eyeliner for me. I just thing eyes are beautiful, and drawing attention to them can be so mesmerising and captivating.
5. Best fragrance for fall?
I've mentioned this on my blog so many times, but I'm not going to stop doing so now. This of course has to be Wonderstruck Enchanted. I've tried to sum up my love for this many times before but I regularly fail in doing so. It just smells amazing and so warm, so is perfect for the winter.
6. Favourite Thanksgiving food?
I live in England and Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here, so I have no idea what my favourite Thanksgiving food is, although knowing me, it would probably be something unhealthy that I would eat way too much of.
7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Living in England means that I get to endure months of freezing cold temperatures accompanied by lots of rain, wind and occasionally snow.
8. Most worn sweater?
My most worn sweater, or jumper as I would call it, is my NCIS one. I never really wear it outside of my house, but I practically live in it inside. It's the thickest jumper I own so is super cosy and warm, especially since I don't have a working radiator in my bedroom.
9. Must-have nail polish this fall?
I don't really wear much nail polish, but I think dark purples, blues and reds are great for the colder months - but not all three together, that wouldn't look good.
10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
I've started to get into football lately, but you get really cold watching it, so I'll  have to go with jumping the leaf piles.
11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans, because legging can be rather... unforgiving on certain people *A.K.A me*12. Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots, although the new range's that Uggs have been bringing out lately are completely different to what you would usually think of when someone mentions Uggs, and I really like some of them. However, I would like them even more if they were cheaper.
13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Probably not, because I just had to Google it to find out what it actually is.
14. Favourite fall TV show?
Aside from my usual mountains of TV that I watch religiously I really love 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'. It's only on in the autumn and it is possibly the best 2/3 weeks of British television ever.
15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
This one for me is a no brainer, it has to be Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran.
I never know how to end a tag... Oh yeah, by tagging people, but I have no idea who to tag, unless you want to do it Georgina *hint hint*
Have a great week!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

October Favourites

Happy November!
^  That is all I've had written for the last two hours because I found out that Taylor Swift is at the Teen Awards and I could have gone. So I suppose I should actually start this now.
The start of October seems like ages ago now, and I can't really remember what happened but I'm sure it was good. Aside from that, I really have loved many things the past month, so let's get started.

I only brought one new item of clothing this month *shock horror!* but I most definitely love it. I got an oversized baseball top from New Look. They have it in various colours but I got it in a deep burgundy, a colour that I have really loved lately. It's so big and comfy and would look great with both skirts and jeans.

Skin Care
This month my skin has been annoying bad so I've had to invest in some new things in an attempt to keep further outbreaks at bay. The first of which are these Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes by Simple. They have really helped to clean my skin much more than my usual make up wipes do. However, I do not really see them as a replacement for my make up wipes, rather as an extra thing to use, or if I haven't worn any make up, like today.

My second skin care favourite this month has been the Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Action Spot Treatment Gel. This really helps prevent nasty spots from gracing my skin and also to reduce the redness of already existing ones, which is always helpful on early morning before school. My only negative I have about this is that the first time I use it on a certain area of skin I find that it actually makes the spot redder so I tend to use it first at night so no one can see, but once I've used it once, its fine.

Soapy Stuff
I had no idea what to call this little category.
But as far as 'soapy stuff' goes I've really been loving my Plum Lily Swirl shower gel from Bath and Bodyworks. My friend brought this back from America with her a few months back but I have only recently started loving it. It claims to smell of many different things but as far as my nose is concerned I just smell cucumber. But it's definitely a nice cucumber. I wish I had more of it though as I've nearly run out and it will be hard to get some here in the UK.

This next product amazes me. It's the Strawberry Laces soap by Carex. This stuff smells so good it's unbelievable. I've never smelt soap so good. When I've washed my hands the smells stays on them for a while and isn't rubbed if straight away.

Make Up
I've not really brought any new make up this month but my favourite is still the same product as it has been for a while now. That is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Fibre in Black. I really do love this mascara and I'm not planning on stopping so any time soon.

I did a whole post on this a few weeks ago, which you can check out here, but my favourite for the month of October has definitely been Wonderstruck Enchanted by the beautiful Taylor Swift. This girl must smell amazing. I find the perfume, that's full of notes of berries and fruit, great for these colder winter months as it just smells so warm and cosy. I absolutely love it.

As some of you might know, I watch way to much TV for what is considered to be normal. This month I have really loved Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Blacklist and Castle. Castle doesn't start here until January, but you can catch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Fridays at 8pm on 4, and then The Blacklist at 9mp on Sky Living, also on a Friday.

I've been loving a lot of new music this month, a lot of which is by Kodaline. I have become obsessed with their album In a Perfect World, and I especially love After the Fall, High Hopes and All Comes Down To.
October also brought the episode of Glee that addressed the passing of Cory Monteith, which included some great music. The episode was great, albeit rather emotional, but the music is even better, I think. The songs are well picked and you can really here the emotion in the voices of those singing them.

This is a bit of an odd one, but one I thought worthy on an inclusion. The social site I have been loving the past month is 8tracks. 8tracks is a site where you can create and share playlists of your favourite music. I love the concept and have never really come across anything else like it before. There is over one million playlists and you can search though them by using key words so you can easily find one to fit your mood.

1. Teal 23 Baseball T-Shirt - New Look (in a different colour)
2. Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes - Boots
3. Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Action Spot Treatment Gel - Boots
4. Plum Lily Swirl Shower Gel - Amazon
5. Carex Strawberry Laces Handwash - Boots
6. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Fibre in Black - Superdrug
7. Wonderstruck Enchanted - The Perfume Shop

Sorry about the lack of pictures but my laptop decided that it hates me this evening and everything I try and use it for. I'll try and add some tomorrow.
Have a great week!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Havoc!

Pumpkin fairy lights from 'Poundland'
Happy Halloween!
Or should it be scary Halloween or haunted Halloween? I've never really got that...
Anyway, if you haven't already guessed today is Halloween!
Living in England Halloween it isn't really big a deal, especially compared to America, but it is definitely growing in popularity. When I was younger, my family never really celebrated it as I wasn't allowed to go 'trick-or-treating' but now I'm older, me and my sister have taken celebrating Halloween into our own hands.
So, here are our essentials for celebrating Halloween!
One of our favourite things to do is carve a pumpkin. However, me being the rather creative person I am, its never just your average squares and triangles placed strategically to make a face, oh no, it has to be something 'arty-farty'. I decided to carve one of my favourite scenes from my favourite show NCIS, silhouettes of Tony and Ziva dancing in the season 10 episode entitled 'Berlin'. In order to carve this I drew out the shape I wanted on a piece of paper, cut it out and stuck it to the pumpkin and used this as a guard. As the design was quite intricate and fiddly, I resulted to using multiple cocktail sticks to carve out the design which lengthened the process greatly but I am pretty pleased with the result!
Left: My pumpkin. Right: The picture it is based on
Usually me and my sister do some Halloween baking but didn't get a chance to this year as my sister went to see Jessie J last night *the lucky devil* and didn't get back until 2:30am so she was rather tired. We usually make cupcakes and put white icing on them followed by 3 black circles of piped icing (maybe more depending on the size of the cake) and make lines through them using a cocktail going from the centre outwards to make spider webs.
Me and my sister also like to play games on Halloween, and force my parents into playing them too. One of the classics is apple bobbing, where you put apples in a big bowl/bucket of water and have to get them out using only your mouth. To make it extra fun (and disgusting) we also put a few lemons in there as well which are horrible to bite into! Another game we often play is the mummy game. This is where you each have a toilet roll and have to wrap it round the other person making them into a mummy. The person who makes the best mummy or uses up there toilet roll the fastest wins.
Of course you can't have Halloween without sweets! The door to my house is down a little ally that gets quite dark in the evening so we don't tend to get many 'trick-or-treaters', in fact last year I don't think we got any, but that doesn't stop us from buying chocolate. This year we have 'Maltesers' and 'Milky Way' to hand out *or to eat myself...*. At Halloween you also get all these spooky editions of regular treats. This year we got these Cadburys 'Spoooky cake bars' in which there is a green slime that tastes of strawberry. That fascinates me way too much.
I hope you all have a great Halloween!

Sunday, 27 October 2013


So today, like the majority of times I update you on random things, is a Sunday, but for some odd reason today I don't know what to write about. I know what I'm writing next Sunday, and there may even be a post during the week as well, but today I appear to be idea-less so you get to put up with some random talking *which is technically typing*.
Pre warning - this will either end up being really long or really short, so get comfy. Or don't if it's going to be short. But comfy is fun, so I'd suggest doing it anyway. See this is what happens when a post doesn't have a designated purpose, it get all weird. So I hope you enjoy weird.
Poop. I just accidently clicked 'Publish' instead of 'Save' and had to delete it before anyone saw it. Oh well.
I'm now racking my brain for something remotely interesting to write about... OH got it!
Yesterday was the first time I made it through the whole of a football game. By football I mean the one you play with your feet, not the American kind. I was, and still am, quite proud of that achievement. Me and my family went to watch our local team play in the FA cup, because they are doing surprisingly well. That sounds harsh, I know, but we won 1-0 and this is the first time we've been in the 'First Round Proper' in 140 years. As far as my first ever match goes, I think it was pretty good. I spent the first half just standing at the back not really playing attention, but got a lot more involved in the second. I learnt the chants and made a right fool of myself cheering in the rain when we scored, but it was worth it. My family and I enjoyed it so much we're considering going to watch the next game in the cup even though it will be a two hour drive, but we have a good chance of winning as the team we are playing is in our league and is only a few points above us.
I think that has made me sound like I know what I'm on about when it comes to football, when truth-be-told, I know nothing. I literally learn all that yesterday, but I'm quite proud that I remembered it all. Lately I've noticed how bad my memory has gotten. I seem to forget the really important things people say to me, and just walk away from a conversation remembering the odd sentence vividly but hardly anything else. The other day, I had a full on, sit down conversation with my form teacher and I can't remember most of it, which is rather frustrating. I just remember her saying "Oh, Kelly you do make me laugh" but I can't even remember what she found funny. I'm going to blame my recent bad memory on the fact that my brain is taken up with all the pointless things I need to know in order pass my exams.
I just realised that this post is going to look quite boring if it doesn't have a picture, so I need to go and take one, and think of what to take one of. When I say 'take one' I really mean take close to 100 and go through them all until I find one that I am remotely pleased with. I always end up taking way to many pictures for the amount that I need, which means that I have to go through all of them and pick out the ones I want to use. But hey-ho, better safe than sorry I guess.
And on that note, I think we'll call this post done. Congratulations if you have made it all the way through this rather odd and rambling post, but next week there might actually be something worth reading. But I said 'might' so don't get your hopes up.
Have a good week!

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Spectacular Scents

Okay, the name of this post sounds rather cheesy, I know, but it's far better than my other idea of 'Perfect Perfumes' so it'll have to do.
I'm not really too sure what inspired the idea for this post, maybe it's because I have a current obsession of taking hundreds upon hundreds of 'arty farty' photos or because I'm never able to decide how I want to smell in the morning.
I've still not decided which is my favourite, but these are definitely my top 6.
My first pick is Britney Spears' Fantasy. I don't really wear this enough for the amount I love it. It's quite a sweet, floral scent, but the majority, if not all, of the ones on this list will be. This perfume was released about 7 years ago so the price has gone down since then, but is still more expensive than some of my favourites.
Number 2 on my list is the Vanilla Body Spray from the Natural Collection at Boots. This is possibly the cheapest on my list at only £2, but smells just as nice as the next. The vanilla scent is one I find quite warm and cosy so is great of the autumn and winter months. It's also great to just throw on when you're in a hurry or after P.E at school as it's quick and simple but has a great staying power.
I got this as part of a Christmas present from one of my friends last year and I absolutely love it. I think it's originally from Avon, but you can find it on EBay, which is where I shall be purchasing more from soon as I have nearly run out. This is Vanilla Berry, part of the Sassy Swirls collection. Its small size (only 15ml) makes it the perfect essential to carry about in your bag, just as I do.  
My fourth pick is part of the 'So' range and is So... Sinful. A few Christmases ago you could find these everywhere in multiple different scents, but now not so much. But of course, me being me, I regularly go hunting for it as I just can't get enough of it. As it seems to have become a rarity in shops, I generally result to buying it online, and hoping it shan't be broken by the time it gets to me. This again is a floral scent, but also slightly spicy which makes it great for the colder months of the year.
To those who know me, these next to picks will come as no surprise as I adore Taylor Swift. This is her second perfume Wonderstruck Enchanted. Before I even get onto the scent itself, I would like to take a moment to appreciate how beautifully this perfume is packaged and the bottle itself. You can really tell that so much time and effort has gone into the presentation of this product and I love that. Surprise, surprise this is another floral scent and it is currently my 'go-to' when I'm in a rush - which is pretty much every day. I really can't get enough of this; it's like my scent guilty pleasure.    
Last but not least, pick number six is Wonderstruck, the first perfume from Taylor Swift. The bigger bottle of this, and Wonderstruck Enchanted, has three charms around the top, which I find incredibly cute. I love this just as much as the other perfume by Taylor Swift, but I find this one to be more of summer scent, which is good as it means I don't have to be debating with myself every day on which one to wear. This is quite a fruity-floral scent, if that's possible, as the fruitiness makes it more summery in my opinion.   
I hope enjoyed reading my ramblings about my current favourite scents.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

OOTD - Outfit Of The Day

Happy Sunday!
So today, like most Sundays really, was a lazy day, so dressing for comfort was a must. I found my outfit today surprisingly comfortable, and I had fun layering some items and experimenting with them a little as it was my first time wearing them *first OOTD - eeek!*

*excuse the mess - that's my sister's room*
As I normally do, I just wore a pair of blue jeans to avoid drawing attention to the weird things that are my legs. I should probably experiment more in what I wear on my legs, but for now I think a trusty pair of jeans will do me just fine.
I paired a light pink jumper with a collared shirt, so the collar was visible. I got this jumper for my birthday as a present from my sister, and it's the first time I've warm it as it's only just started getting cold enough to wear thicker clothes all day long. The knitted jumper is a pale pink with little bits of purple, yellow and a brighter pink wool mixed in. That sounds rather odd, but it's only visible if you look closely, but makes a nice addition to the overall style of the jumper.    
*Yes I know, that is possibly the worst, most pointless collage ever*
I got this top last year and is also from New Look (well technically my sister brought it but decided she didn't like it and gave it to me). It's a sort of burgundy/red wine colour. The thing I really love about this top, and what makes it stand out for me, is the Peter-Pan collar. The collar has a pretty lace pattern and has a slightly scalloped edge to it. I don't often wear this shirt on it's own, I tend to layer it with jumpers as I have today.
I always seem to have a piece/pieces of jewellery that I wear all the time, and right now it's these rings. The one on the left is from Pandora and the one on the right is from Argos.
These boots are from last winter so are getting quite tatty now, but I continue wearing them anyway. They have a row of rounded studs at the toe, and the same studs on the back of the heel. I've worn them so much some of the studs have fallen off and there's a hole forming in the back from where I walk weirdly. They're nice and cosy as they have a fluffy lining and are especially lovely when paired with thick socks in the winter.  
 I've just realised that the only part of my outfit I brought myself are my turtle socks. Or are they tortoises? Either way they're cute. My jeans and top are both hand-me-downs, I got my jumper and Pandora ring for my birthday, my other ring and boots for Christmas.
What from where and all that stuff:
1. 'Love' Jumper - New Look
2. Jeans - Krisp  (old)
3. Peter-Pan Collar Top - New Look  (old)
4. 'Purple Twist Ring' - Pandora
5. 'Wishbone' ring - Argos
6. Studded Biker Boots - New Look  (old)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Liebster Award

I've just realised that I never really say *well type* any form of a greeting at the start of a post so...
I was tagged by the lovely Sarah to participate in this 'thing' known as The Liebster Award. From what I've read, The Liebster Award is like an electronic award that bloggers give to other bloggers. It is designed to help traffic new readers to small blogs (small being defined as those under a certain amount of followers - the number of which has appeared to have change over time). Being the inquisitive person that I am, I've found that the Liebster Award is thought to have German origins as 'liebster' is German for 'dearest'. Anyway, let's get started.
The Rules:
1.  The tagged/nominated blogs have to have under 200 followers.
2.  Tag the blog that nominated you.
3.  Tell the people you tagged so that they can respond.
4.  To answer the questions asked
5.  Make up 10 more of your own questions
As Sarah tagged me, I shall be answering the questions that she asked.
1. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?
Just one? That's hard. It's a toss-up between Taylor Swift, Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly or anyone from NCIS, Bones, Rizzoli and Isles, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Friends or Criminal Minds. Or Ellen DeGeneres. Basically, anyone from one of my favourite TV shows. But if I had the opportunity to go to either a Taylor Swift concert or the NCIS set, I would probably pick NCIS because there's a higher chance on me meeting more than one person I love, and it would mean going to America. Although saying that, I am ecstatic that I'm going to a Taylor Swift concert (4 months, 4 days and counting eekkk).
2. What is your all time favourite beauty product?
Hmm, 'all time favourite' is a bit of a strong way to put it because choosing one wouldn't be fair as I haven't tried every product possible, but then again, I never will. There's a good change that what is my favourite now won't be in 12 months time, or possibly even next week. So I'm going to be rather general and say any Bath and Bodyworks moisturiser. I don't live in America, but I love the few I have, and if they are all this good, wow, I need them.   
3.  Who is your blogging idol?
Probably Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella. Her blog was one of the first, or possibly the first, that I read and continued to do so as I enjoyed it so much.
4.  What is one thing you cannot live without?
Ermm, air? I don't know, probably my family or something but I'm not too sure. Of course, not having family about, or those I love, would be hard, but I couldn't just give up because of that, they would want me to be strong. Inevitably, there shall come a time when my parents are no longer with us, but by that time I hope I would have new family, maybe one of my own.
5. What is your favourite TV Show?
Easy. Hands down, NCIS. No doubt about that one, I love it to pieces.
6. Who is your idol?
Taylor Swift, Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, or Ellen DeGeneres. They're all so wonderful and I look up to them all for many different reasons, that it's impossible to pick just one.
7. Why did you start blogging?
I started my blog back in May I wrote one post and then didn't use it for the following months and pretty much forgot about it. Blogs started coming up in conversation more and more frequently in the months leading up to May, as my friend Emily had recently created her own blog, as had some other people I know. I then started to read more blogs, including my friends, and became more interested in the whole aspect of 'blogging' and 'vlogging', which lead me to create my own blog. In August I took part in 'The August Challenge' which involved me blogging daily, and since then I have continued to blog on a weekly basis.
8. Out of the bloggers you talk to, who has the best blog?
You can't make me pick just one! I love all the blogs I read, and the people behind them equally.
9. What is your most used make up product?
I don't really wear that much of make up, but I definitely use Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Fibre in Black a lot as it is my favourite mascara. I've not really tried a wide enough range to say it's the best mascara ever made, but for me it's definitely up there.  
10. Where would you most like to visit/live?
Although where I live now is small and boring, I do love it and part of me doesn't want to leave. But I do think living in America would be amazing, as would living in Paris. They're both places I want to visit one day.
I tag Georgina and your questions are:
1. How are you today?
2. Why did you start your blog?
3. What is the nearest object to your right?
4. Who is your favourite artist/band?
5. What is the last thing you brought?
6. What is your dream job?
7. What celebrity would you like to meet?
8. Do you have any pets?
9. Where do you want to visit?
10. How long did it take you to answer these questions?

Sunday, 29 September 2013

'100 Truths' Tag

I was tagged the other week by Sarah, but only now have I managed to sit down and actually write it. So without further ado, the 100 Truths tag...

1. Real name: Kelly-Marie
2. Nickname(s): Kelly, Kel, Smelly, Belly, pretty much anything that remotely rhymes with Kelly, and probably the most disgusting nickname ever Snot Bubbles.
3. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
4. Male or female: Female
5. Elementary School: The local one
6. High School: Local school
7. College: I've not decided yet
8. Hair color: I like to think it's a very dark blonde but it's probably more brown - unfortunately
9. Tall or short: Tall-ish
11. Sweats or Jeans: Sweats like the true fashonista I am ;-) but never in public
12. Phone or Camera: Phone
13. Health freak: Not really
14. Orange or Apple: Apple
15. Do you have a crush on someone? Nope
16. Eat or Drink: Eat
17. Piercings: None
18. Pepsi or Coke: Neither
19. Been in an airplane: Nope
20. Been in a relationship: Yes
21. Been in a car accident: No
22. Been in a fist fight: No
23. First piercing: None
24. First best friend: Ellie
25. First award: Probably like 100% attendance or something
26. First crush: No idea
27. First word: Mama (maybe)
29. Last person you talked in person: My Dad
30. Last person you texted: Emily
31. Last person you went to the movie theaters with: My sister
32. Last food you ate: Strawberry and white chocolate muffin, and it was gooooood
33. Last movie you watched: Probably Despicable Me 2
34. Last song you listen to: All Comes Down - Kodaline
35. Last thing you bought: Probably food *yeah that sounds about right*
36. Last person you hugged: Erm Emily? Maybe
37. Food(s): Anything edible and unhealthy
38. Drink(s): Water *I'm cool, I know*
39. Bottom(s): Jeans or trackies
40. Flower(s): Roses
41. Animal(s): Giraffes, monkeys, elephants, dogs or anything unbelievably cute
42. Color(s): Pink
43. Movie(s): Practically every Disney/Pixar film ever made
44. Subject(s): Maths *oh look, my coolnees is showing*
HAVE YOU EVER: (Put an X in the brackets if yes)
45. [] fell in love with someone.
46. [x celebrated Halloween.
47. [] had your heart broken…
48. [] went over the minutes or texts on your cell phone.
49. [] had someone question my sexual orientation.
51. [] got pregnant.
52. [] had an abortion.
53. [x] did something I regret.
54. [x] broke a promise.
55. [x] hid a secret.
56. [x] pretended to be happy
57. [x] met someone who changed your life.
58. [] pretended to be sick.
59. [] left the country.
60. [] tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it.
61. [x] cried over the silliest thing.
62. [x] ran a mile.
63. [x] went to the beach with your best friend
64. [x] got into an argument with your friends.
65. [x] hated someone.
66. [x] stayed single for 2 years.
67. Eating: Nothing
68. Drinking: Water
69. Listening: Somebody Saved You - Pauley Perrette (it's like liquid gold - listen to it here please)
70. Sitting/Laying: Sitting
71. Plans for today: None
72. Waiting: Dinner
73. Want kids? Yes
74. Want to get married? Yup
75. Career: Forensic Anthropologist or Forensic Psychologist or something crime related maybe, I don't really have a clue
76. Lips or eyes: Eyes
77. Shorter or taller: Either
78. Romantic or spontaneous: Both? I'm greedy
81. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
82. Looks or Personality: Personality
83. Lost glasses/contacts: Yup
84. Snuck out of a house: Nope
85. Held a gun/knife for self-defence: No
86. Killed somebody: No
87. Broken someone’s heart: No?
88. Been in love: Nope
89. Cried when someone died: Yes
90. Yourself: At times
91. Miracles: Maybe
92. Love at first sight: Possibly
93. Heaven: Maybe
94. Santa Clause: OBVIOUSLY
95. Kiss on the first date: I don't know, maybe?
96. Is there one person you want to be with right now: I don't think so...
97. Do you know who your real friends are: Yeah, I guess
98. Do you believe in God: Maybe
99: Do you believe in ghosts: Maybe
100: Tag someone: You