Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 31

Day 31 -
Write about if/how the August Challenge has changed your life.

I think we should just start off by saying 'awww' as today is the last day of the August Challenge.
 The last 31 days really have changed my life. I think August is when I really began blogging as I'd sort of forgotten about it after my first post. This month I blogged everyday, and I've realised how much I love it.
In August I started talking to Sarah more, and I can honestly say I love that too.
I feel like writing everyday has improved my English as its made me notice the little things that I get wrong and I now make those mistakes less.
I have also learnt how to spell 'August' this month too. As we don't go to school in August, I'm not writing it down in the date everyday, so I guess I've just never learnt how to spell it, but now I can. I know that sounds rather weird, but I can honestly say its true.
I think this Augusts has been one of the best Augusts I've ever had. I didn't fly across the world on holiday or have tea with the queen, in fact I did nothing really, but I've liked doing nothing. After being at school for what seems like months on end and exams to revise for, it was nice to just stop for a month. Stop with all the revision *well most of it*, stop with the homework *apart from the bits I got from the harsh teachers* and stop with getting up early five days a week. But now September is practically here and it shall all go back to how it was, but it'll be worth it in the end.
Now the only thing left to do is to decide what days to update my blog on...

Friday, 30 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 -
Talk to someone you dislike, tell us why you dislike them and if your conversation has changes your views on them .

I most certainly don't hate anyone I know personally, and I don't think I dislike anyone either. I know that sounds like I'm just making it up, but I'm not. I think that you have to know someone before you can decide whether you like them or not, but during this time I always seem to find more reasons to like them that not. There's people that I like more than others, but there's something in everyone to like. It might be the smallest thing in someone that you like or admire, but just because its small doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That's the reason I don't hate anyone, I always seem to find at least one tiny thing in everyone. I guess I just see the good in people.
So, as far as this challenge goes, I've pretty much failed, but that's okay. I see this blog as a place where I can express my opinion and if that helps just one person, I'm happy with that.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 29

Day 29 -
Write about a subject you would talk about if you had to give a lecture tomorrow.

If I just found out that I was giving a lecture tomorrow, I would probably scream, especially since its practically tomorrow right now.
This answer is completely different to what it would have been if you asked me the same question a week ago, but right now, my answer is NCIS.
Yesterday, we got the promo for the first episode in Season 11, and I'm not joking when I say I could talk for England after that 31 second promo.
My level of excitement for Season 11 has grown immensely since seeing it and I now cannot wait until 24 September, even if it means getting up at 5:30 the day after so I can watch it before school. Its pretty certain that I will cry at the first, and most likely the second, episodes but I love the show so much and I wouldn't stop watching it for the world.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 28

Day 28 -
A quote you like and why you like it.

I actually have a fair few favourite quotes, so I'll only explain some of them.
This quote is from one of The Hunger Games books, Mockingjay I believe, and is "Eyes on the forest not on the trees." This makes me remember the bigger picture and not to lose sight of it. It may seem bad, but it’ll be worth it in the end. It also reminds me of something Ziva said in NCIS, 'Sometimes you can't see the jungle for the ferns'. I can clearly picture her saying this which makes me smile.
This one seems rather weird but is from an episode of Glee, but I think it will make more sense once I've explained it. The quote is "Even the smallest envelope is heavy for an elf." This reminds me that people aren't all the same and although you don't necessarily think something is a big deal, it might be incredibly important to someone else, and tells me to sympathise for that.
Some of my other favourite quotes are:

"That which is essential is invisible to the eye"
 - The Little Prince
"Never limit yourself to what others think you are"
 - Cote de Pablo
"Even on the worst days, there's still a possibly of joy"
 - Kate Beckett - Castle
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
   - Dr. Seuss
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
   - Oscar Wilde
"Everything in its own time."
 - Goodnight Mr Tom - Michelle Magorian
"No matter what happens in life, be good to people.
Being good to people is always a wonderful legacy to leave behind."
 - Taylor Swift

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 27

Day 27 -
Write about mistakes you have learnt from, so others can too.

One thing I have learnt many times, and still continue to on occasion, is to be organised. I've found that if I'm not organised I forget to do things or things don't get done. I've also found that being organised helps me make the most out of my time which shall really help as I will start revising for my exams this year.
In my life I have made many mistakes, but I don't really see them as mistakes. I see them as lessons I have learnt as I have become a better person because of them. However much the well known saying annoys me at times, I think you really do learn from your mistakes.

Monday, 26 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 -
Write about your biggest fears.

I don't think I have a big fear that overshadows the rest, but I certainly do have other fears.
One of my rather common fears are spiders. I think the fact that they have eight legs scares me the most, but then again so do octopuses and I like them.
I have a fear of failing, whether it's my GSCE's or failing to keeping a promise, anything. That, and not being good enough. I just think that if one thing goes wrong, so will everything else, and I will end up living in a box with spiders.
I'm also scared of waking up and everything I have is gone. Not like a stolen gone, but like losing everything - if that make sense. Not just thinks that I own of a monetary value, but relationships I've formed with people and the memories I have. I realise now that its quite a weird fear, but it makes me grateful for everything I have and because of that I don't really mind. I've rather be grateful and a little bit scared than greedy and ungrateful.
I do have quite a big fear of doing anything which involves people looking at me, especially speaking in front of people, which is sort of a problem as one of my GCSE's depends on it. Its just something I'm going to have to get over I guess.
I'm scared of a lot of little things that to others would seem like nothing, like forgetting something, something not being right or getting something dirty. I sort of have a fear of anything that happens which could, in turn, make something go wrong.
When I started writing this I thought 'I don't know what to write, I don't really know what I'm scared of,' but now I realise that I'm pretty much scared of anything that moves, breaths, flies, talks or goes wrong.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 25

Day 25 -
Find a new word and say why you like it.

I discovered this word a few days ago as it was said on a show I was watching (I think it was Criminal Minds). The chosen word is hypervigilant, but I don't think that's actually one word, so the two words are hyper vigilant. I think of it as being a more fancy way of saying 'be on the look out'. I'm not too sure why I like it, the word just stuck out to me when I first heard it as I didn't know what it meant. I like learning new words and getting to use them in my writing. For some reason, it excites me.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 -
Write about your day.

Whenever I have to write about my day I have the most uninteresting day ever.
But I'm going to tell you about it anyway.
I very boringly woke up, had breakfast and watched TV for about two hours. I would say what I watched, but I can't actually remember what it was, so it must have been good. I think I watched a bit of Numb3rs, The Big Bang Theory and Friends, but I'm not too sure. I eventually got dressed and decided to do some statistics homework *no idea why, and on a Saturday? Yeah, it confuses me too*, but then after writing a whole three sentences my mum dragged me to the library and then into town. I searched for the Nikki Heat series in the library, but had no luck, although I did find some Kathy Reich and Tess Gerritsen books, which sadly excited me.
When we got home, I continued to do my homework, whilst constantly checking twitter to find out what was happening in London at the meet. I had a rather late, and very long, lunch about 4pm and watched two episodes of NCIS, "Boxed In" (one of my favourites) and "Deception".
After eventually tearing myself away from the TV, I did more work, which must make today the record for the most work I've ever done on a Saturday.
I spent the rest of my evening messing about with my sister and watching Michael McIntyre. I ended up having a bag of Mini Ritz and a Kit-Kat for dinner at about 10 o'clock.
I then had a shower whilst belting out tunes for everyone to hear *of course* which brings us to the writing of this post.
I hope you enjoyed my very boring day.

Friday, 23 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 23

Day 23 -
Write about why you started your blog.

I started my blog back in May and then I didn't use it for the following months and pretty much forgot about it.
Blogs started coming up in conversation more and more frequently in the months leading up to May, as my friend Emily had recently created her own blog, as had some other people I know. I then started to read more blogs, including my friends, and became more interested in the whole aspect of blogging and vlogging, which lead me to create my own blog.
After writing my first post, I decided that the whole blogging thing was pretty confusing and that I had nothing to write about, but the August Challenge has began changing that.
I am currently blogging daily and, most importantly, enjoying it too. I'm forever learning new things about this weird contraption which is Blogger, but I am slowing beginning to get my head around it.

Check out Emily's blog HERE   *the main reason I started blogging really*

Thursday, 22 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 22

Day 22 -
Talk about your friends, and why you chose to be close to them.

I did a post about my closest friends a couple of weeks ago, so to save me repeating myself *and you probably getting bored* you can check that out here.
I don't really think I chose these amazing people, our friendships just sort of happened. I didn't see someone in class and think 'I'm going to be your best friend now' we just became friends over time. Two years ago, I didn't know the majority of the people I am now close to. We bonded over common interests and have since grown closer as we learnt more about each other.

*Sorry this is so short but I'm super tired after spending the day in London*

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 21

Day 21 -
Write about a charity you support.

At school, I am a member of the Interact club, which is Rotary International’s club for young people ages 12 to 18. Being a part of this means that I get to help raise money for many different charities on a regular basis and help people all around the world.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 20

Day 20 -
Talk to someone who don't normally talk to and write about them.

This 'someone' isn't a person I have just spoken to today, as began speaking a few days ago now, and I love it.
This 'someone' is Sarah.
We've been talking about blogs, famous people, YouTube, and most recently Zalfie (the ship of Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes). Sarah is one of the brains behind the August Challenge. It's lovely talking to her and I wish to continue talking as we have many things in common and she is amazing.

Monday, 19 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 19

Day 19 -
Create an OC (Other Character) for your favourite show, and write a mini one shot with them in.

Today's challenge instantly sent my Tiva running, and this was one of my first ideas, so I'll go with it.

Prom Night in the DiNozzo Household
The sound of the door bell rung throughout the house, followed by Tony's rushed foot steps toward to door.
          'Punctual,' remarked Ziva as sprayed the last few strands of Tali's hair into place. Although they where upstairs, they could still hear the conversation being started downstairs.
          'Er... Hey, no erm... Good evening Mr DiNozzo,' stuttered Harry as Tony greeted him at the door. He was willing to make the boy stand out in the cold but he was under strict instructions from Ziva to be nice to him. Tony opened the door a little wider and let Harry into the DiNozzo house. Harry stood as close to the door as possible as if deciding whether this confrontation with be worth it or not. Tony gave him the once over before starting with his rehearsed questions.
          'Grades?' demanded Tony.
          'Erm... all A's sir,' replied Harry nervously.
          'Hmph, you sure about that?' he pressed, starting to slip into his interrogation routine.
          'Oh erm, and a B in Health and Social last semester, but that will change sir,' Harry tried to sound as confident as possible but was sure Tony could see straight through his front.
          'You better not lie to my daughter like that,' Tony threatened, just as McGee appeared from the kitchen, with a drink in his hand.
          He walked up to Tony and whispered in his ear,
          'Calm it, he's not a suspect, alright?' Tony glared at McGee who pretended he didn't see it.
          'So, play any sports?' McGee asked casually, trying to lighting the mood a bit.
          'Err, basketball, sir,'
Just as McGee was about to reject being called 'sir', Abby's voice boomed down from the top of the stairs.
          'Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you, Miss Tali Caitlin-Kelly DiNozzo!'
Abby stepped to the side to reveal a beautiful brown haired young lady dressed in a floor length pale peach gown. Tali grabbed onto the banister and made her way down the stairs. When she reached the bottom McGee hinted with a small cough and looked at Harry.
          'Oh, yeah, I err, got you this,' he said opening a small box in his hand which held a corsage. He placed it on her wrist just as Abby called out 'Picture time!'
Abby took what seemed like hundreds of photos alternating backgrounds between inside and outside, and instating that everyone need their picture taken with Tali and Harry before they left.
          'I think that's enough pictures for now Abby,' suggested Tali, who knew they would never leave otherwise.
          'Oh, okay. You two have fun!' Abby called as they turned to walk down the path.
          'Not too much fun,' Tony shouted after them.
          'See you tonight sweetie, enjoy,' spoke Ziva softly has they left, but Tali turned and smiled, as she left for prom.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 -
Write down 50 words you would use to describe yourself.

*First impressions: Okay, it shouldn't be too hard
Now: When did 50 become such a big number? That's a lot of words*

This is really hard...
Musical, NCIS-addicted, weird, shy (at first), creative, geek, hard working (I think), awkward, daughter, sister, friend, *this now sounds like I've died - great* tidy (sometimes), sentimental, quiet, fangirl, *I'm looking around my room trying to think of things, but its really not working* teenager, dreamer, reader, hat-wearer *this is getting weird* dog-owner, family-orientated, loving (I think), strange, female, imaginative, TV-lover, M&M aficionado, functional mute, *nonono no TorC feels thank you* dentist-hating, sweet-tooth, spider-hating, un-sporty, nerd, odd, maths-liker, happy, excitable, childish (sometimes), immature (sometimes) weakling, jewellery-wearer, terrible photographer, crazy, music-lover, guitar-player, confused, confusing person, terrible counter, even-number-lover, sparkle-lover,
Done! That was definitely a lot harder than what I thought it ever would be!     

Saturday, 17 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 17

Day 17 -
Funniest thing that you have seen someone do today

This evening, I went out to dinner with my family, so my whole night has been filled with laughter.
But I think the thing that I found the funniest was...
My cousin had the chicken buffet, so she could go up and get her food when she wanted it. She got a plateful whilst a few people were eating their starters and everyone else started picking food of her plate (there was about ten of us doing this). We all especially enjoyed the onion rings. As a result of this, her plate was empty pretty quickly. When she went up to get some more food, she came back with two plates, one of which was stacked with piles of onion rings. She practically cleared out the tray so there was none left for anyone else! There was so many we couldn't eat them all, and there was fourteen of us eating them at this point. We ate so many onion rings we barely had room for our actual meals!

Friday, 16 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 16

Day 16 -
Write a list of 20 things that make you happy in the morning, and do them all by the time you go to sleep.

I'm going to warn you now, some of these are a little weird, but they make me happy so I'll continue to do them.
  1. Play my guitar          Done!
  2. Listen to music         Done!
  3. Play my ukulele        Done!   
  4. Watch NCIS              Done!
  5. Read a book (not a whole book, just part of one!)          Done!
  6. Watch TV with my mum          Done! We watched three episodes of Numb3rs.
  7. Talk to my sister       Done!
  8. Go shopping              Done! I got some jewellery and some of my friends birthday presents.
  9. Talk to Georgina       Done! (of course)
  10. Go on twitter             Done!
  11. Talk to family           Done!
  12. Laugh                        Done!
  13. Watch random YouTube videos     Done! I'm pretty sure vlogs and cat videos count as random.
  14. Watch fan-vids and try not to cry   Done! (just about)
  15. Watch 24                  Done! It was an episode with Pauley Perrette in, so of course it was good!
  16. Eat good food           Done! My M&M brownie was definitely good!
  17. Walk my dog            Done!
  18. Smile                        Done!
  19. Watch Castle           Done!
  20. Write this post         Doing... Done!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 15

Day 15 -
Write 10 Good Things About 10 People.

I don't thing I even know 10 people, well anyway... But oh well, we'll see how this goes.

1. She's crazy (but in a good way, I think)
2. She's funny
3. She's beautiful
4. She's super smart
5. She's kind
6. She's a weird child
7. We have tonnes of memories
8. She makes me smile
9. She's determined
10. She's strong (both mentally and physically)

Emily (another one)
1. She's lovely
2. She's smart
3. She's beautiful *I think this is going to be a recurring one*
4. She's funny
5. She's caring
6. She's odd (but in the best way possible)
7. She's a blogger
8. She's full of strange facts
9. She has good taste (in pretty much everything)
10. She's brave

1. She's beautiful
2. She's funny
3. She's a great listener
4. She's sweet
5. She's an strange kid (in the best way)
6. She's amazing
7. She's loving
8. She knows how to make me feel better
9. She's one of the strongest people I know
10. She watches good TV *that's a weird one...*

1. She's the best sister ever
2. She's makes me laugh
3. She's beautiful
4. We will laugh about something that not even remotely funny for at least 10 minutes
5. She's loving
6. She's odd *of course, she's related to me*
7. She's always there for me
8. She's incredibly generous
9. She's thoughtful
10. She's strong

1. She's probably the craziest person I know
2. She's so funny she could be a comedian
3. She's beautiful
4. I grew up with her
5. We have so many memories
6. She can whistle through her ear
7. We have traditions
8. She makes me smile
9. She's weird
10. She has many ridiculous nicknames for me

1. She's a good dog
2. She says woof
3. She doesn't understand the concept of fetch...
4.... or a chew
5. She's scared of squeaky toys
I have no idea what I'm doing any more. She isn't even a person. I apologise for the weirdness of this.

I might try and finish this off at some point and actually do 10 people and not animals.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 -
The best thing someone’s said to you today.

Okay, out of context this is going to sound really weird but I guess a fair few things do really. This is definitely my favourite thing and something I haven't forgotten from today, of which is
'Omg what is this strange kid doing.......'. It wasn't actually 'said' to me but rather messaged as me and my best friends are currently thousands of miles apart as we have been for the last 20 days. My friend attached a weird picture of me that she drew a moustache on. I have no idea why, but this had me in hysterics for the next ten minutes and that certainly made my day.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 -
Write about something that gives you hope for the future.

Gosh, this is a tough one. I've never really thought about it before, but I guess people in general, specifically those around me. I look up to the majority of people who are around me for many different reasons, whether it be because they got their dream job, the way they hold and present themselves, because they smile through life, there really is many different reasons I could write here but I'll save you the bother.
Something that gives me hope is strength, not necessarily physical, but mental. Seeing (or hearing) someone get through a tough situation, whether I know them or not, gives me hope that if I am ever in that position that I shall make it through. Being surrounded by so many amazing people lets me know that they shall be there for me, and I don't need to hope for that, I know it.
There is so much academic talent on this earth that cures for serious illness' are being discovered, and that gives me hope that someday innocent people won't have their lives taken away. The movement that many political parties are making on equality for all, involving things such as marriage, gives me hope that one day people will be able to see past the colour of your skin or race or sexuality, and just accept you for who you are as a person.

Monday, 12 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 -
Write 5 good things that happened to you today.

Jumping straight in to number 1..
1) I had an amazing day at the zoo with my parents
2) I touched an elephant, its trunk was prickly
3) A monkey climbed on our car, and didn't break anything!
4) I got a lollypop with an elephant on it
5) NCIS: LA and LL Cool J both won Teen Choice Awards

Some of my favourite photos from the zoo:

Sunday, 11 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 -
Plan your OTP's wedding.

*I'm way too excited for this*
Following on from yesterday's post of Tiva talk, today I get to plan their wedding! *yayayay*
Obviously, Ziva would be the bride and Tony the groom *not the other way around - that would just be weird, although Tony in a dress could be quite funny... or disturbing* As Ziva no longer has any family left, the wedding would involve those from NCIS, Tony's family and some of her other friends. The wedding would be set in a remote yet elegant chapel, of which DiNozzo Sr. insisted on paying for, filled with pale pink roses from Israel. As Gibbs is such a fatherly figure to Ziva, he would walk her down the aisle. The maid of honour would be Abby, and the bridesmaids Monique, and some other of Ziva's close friends. McGee would be the best man, and the ushers Jimmy, Dorneget and Ducky. Also in attendance would be DiNozzo Sr., Vance and his children, Schmeil, Breena (and possibly her and Jimmy's baby, depending on when the wedding would be), some of Tony's family (like cousins or something), maybe some people from Israel that Ziva is close with and some other people from NCIS.
Tony's vows will contain some phrases in Hebrew including 'ani ohevet otcha' and 'at lo levad' and some memories they have shared, as will Ziva's.
Now for the part I am most excited about - Clothes!
Ziva's wedding dress will be the traditional white with shear lace sleeves and lace covering the rest of the dress' fabric. The dress will be backless *everyone needs to see that gorgeous back of hers!* and the neckline that continues to follow the cut out back is lined with beads. Her hair shall be naturally curly with some of it loosely pulled back with a swirled silver clip. Her makeup will also be rather natural and she'll wear a pair of silver earrings that Gibbs gave her as an engagement present that formerly belonged to Shannon.
The front of Ziva's dress
The back of Ziva's dress

Tony will wear a black suit with a matching bow tie that was a present from Ducky, which would have came with a tremendous back story, I'm sure. His cuff links were a present from Abby and McGee, one of which is a T and the other a Z. *You can tell I took longer drawing Ziva's dress than I did Tony's suit, can't you?*
Tony's suit
As Abby is the bridesmaid, she shall wear a deep blue dress, which matches the colour of the tie worn by the best man (McGee).
At the reception, some opera shall be played in honour of Tali, and Tony and Ziva shall have their first dance to the song they danced to in Berlin 'I'm Glad There Is You'.
When it comes to the throwing of the bride's bouquet, it shall be caught by a very excited Abby.
I know, I've pretty much planned every part of this wedding, but I have had 8 years to think about it.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 -
Write about your OTP.

*Woo double digits baby!*
Anyway... I ship Tiva with all my heart, so undoubtedly, my OTP is Tiva.
Tony and Ziva are the beautiful people who make up Tiva, and taunt us on a weekly basis with their 'strong looks' (eye sex) and their every growing relationship.
They first met back in Season 3, when Ziva's first sentence was 'Having phone sex?' She made him nervous, a definite sign of attraction. They kissed in Season 3, amongst 'other things' but, unfortunately they were undercover, although I'm sure they meant all of it.
Fast forwarding to Season 7 and we reach Somalia, the place where Ziva was tortured for months on end *sobs horrendously* and where Tony practically sent himself to die, but lucky he did not, and ended up saving Ziva. After that, their relationship sadly grew apart, but now has become stronger because of it.
Season 10 brings us to the death of Ziva's father and a caring Tony stepping forward to make sure she is okay every step of the way, even if she doesn't realise it and pushes him away. We also witnessed them slow dancing, a car crash before which they held hands and practically cannon for a matter of seconds, and even more eye sex... I mean 'strong looks' *technical term*
Secretly, or not-so-secretly as the case may be, they love each other and are going to live happily ever after and have lots of little David-DiNozzo babies. I know it.

Season 3 Tiva - Under Cover
Season 7 Tiva - Truth or Consequences
*I can't put one of those pictures there, I pretty
much died writing the few sentences earlier!*

Season 10 Tiva - Berlin
*It almost looks like they've gone backwards
in their relationship instead of forwards*

Friday, 9 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 -
Write about your biggest dream.

My biggest dream isn't something I want to do in life, like a certain career or an activity, but something I want to be. Something that I can only wish for and hope I shall be lucky enough to be.
I want to be happy. That's my dream. Whenever I say that I often get some weird looks, but it's what I want in life. I don't know what it shall take to make me happy, or if it's possible to be able every living second of my life, but I want to find out. I want to smile a lot, and laugh too. That makes me happy.
'A day without laughter is a day wasted.'
Charlie Chaplin

That's what my friend always says. I think it's true. A lot of my best memories involve laughter and without it they probably wouldn't exist.
I don't want to be sad. I'm sure I will be at some points in my life, as I have been before, but I want to be happy. I want to be able to see the good in situations and in people. I want to make other people happy. I want to see them laugh and smile with me. I love making people's day better, and if it could be a career, I would take it with open arms.
It sounds like I'm asking for a lot and I'm sorry about that, but a girl can dream, right?
I leave you with one of my favourite quotes:
'When I was 5, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said “Happy”.
The teacher said I didn’t get the assignment
I told her she didn’t get life.'
John Lennon

Thursday, 8 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 -
Write about your fandom.

My fandom AKA that amazing bunch of people that are just as obsessed with NCIS as I am. Their daily dose of Tiva feels keeps me sane through hiatus, well, pretty much. There isn't a bad word to say about anyone, they are all just so beautiful and inspiring.
There's always something or someone that instantly comes to mind as soon as you think of something. In this case, that someone is Georgina. However many times you tell her she's beautiful and however many times she tries to deny it, talking to her will never bore me. She shares my love of NCIS and Tiva, as well as having a similar taste in music and now she's even started to get to watch 24. I really didn't think I would grow so close to someone, but I am so happy I have. I am proud to call her my friend and to say that I talk to her every day. I couldn't ask for someone better. I love her to pieces.
Not only have I become close with Georgina, but the rest of the fandom too. They have helped me so much, even if I have only known them for a matter of months. There's Emily, Sarah, Whitney, Jess, Gosia, Steph, Maddy, Brooke, Adela and that's only naming a few. Everybody is so sweet and caring, it's amazing. Even those I haven't mentioned, and there's a lot, I love.
I realise I've used the word 'amazing' a lot during this post but that's because I really can't think of a better way to describe this group of people I have fallen in love with. I'm so glad I've found them and that they are part of my life, and an amazing part too.  

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 -
Write about your family.

Ahh, my family. That really big and confusing bunch of people I love so much. And when I say big and confusing, I really do mean it. My dad is one of seven which leads to many aunties and uncles.
But let's start smaller. I live at home with my older sister Emma, my mum and my dad. Oh, and our dog Twiggy, she's part of the family too. I love them all so much and I am grateful I get to see them practically every day as I don't know where I'd be without them.
My mum has one sister which makes one auntie and she is married so that makes an uncle. That part was simple. Now my dad's side. My dad has four sisters, all of whom are married, and two brothers, one is married and one is not. So now I have six aunties and seven uncles *I think*. All four of my dad's sisters have children, who have their own children, one of whom has a daughter, and is expecting another child *aww*. This makes my dad a great-great-uncle and means that I have a lot of cousins. Both of my dad's brothers also have children, just to add to the confusion and the number of cousins I have. Having such a big family means that we are all very spread out and don't get to see each other often, but I love them all the same. There seems to be little groups of my family dotted about the country, and I love our 'little group' so much.
Just to add to the confused state you are probably already in, there are people that aren't related to me that I call my aunties and uncles as they are close family friends. This now totals up to eight aunties and nine uncles. Okay, looking at that it doesn't seem like a lot now, so maybe my family isn't as confusing as I thought, or maybe it is, but either way, I love them.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 -
Write about your closest friends.

I have met most of my friends through school and that is where my closest ones are. There's a group of us at school, which lately seems to be growing by the day. But my closest friend is Emily, we've known each other since we were little, but only started becoming close last year. She is my best friend and we are now practically inseparable. So much so that I started screaming today when she got Wi-Fi as it meant that I got to talk to her after 11 days of no contact as she is in America *the lucky devil*.
In our little group there is six of us, me, Emily, Kerry, Louisa, Katie and another Emily *just to make it confusing*. Kerry and Louisa never fail to make me laugh, whatever mood I am in. Katie and I have a some things in common as we are both quite musical and we bonded over that and Emily *the other one* is just lovely and is so easy to talk to and know tonnes of random facts to fit into every conversation. She has a blog too, so you can check that out here, but shh, because she doesn't know about his one *oops?*
Although I said my closest friends are at school, there are also the people I grew up with, and even though we don't talk as much as we used to, when we do, it's like we never stopped. Some of them live on the opposite side of the world now, but when we talk, it feels like they are just living next door again. And last but not least my family, especially my sister and my cousins that are around the same age as me, were some of my first friends and are definitely some of my closest.
Wow, looking over this, I've realised how many amazing people I am surrounded by and there are more that I haven't mentioned. So thank you all for being my friends, because I don't say that often enough and it's something that should be said daily.

Monday, 5 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 -
Watch your favourite TV Show and see how many episodes you can watch in one day

As you may have figured out by now, my favourite show is NCIS. Today, I managed to watch 5 episodes today, of which were Under Covers, Boxed In, Dead Man Walking, Cover Story and Housekeeping, 3 of them Tiva orientated *of course* but all equally amazing.
Although its not my favourite show, I did also watch two episodes of Criminal Minds with my sister as it is her favourite and she is determined to get to me watching it. I watched an episode of Glee and an episode of How I Met Your Mother too.
Today, I have learnt that I definitely need to have a massive NCIS marathon soon.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 -
Write about your day i.e. What you did, where you went etc…

I would like to write something along the line of  'Today I went to space and discovered an alternate universe where Tiva are cannon' but unfortunately that didn't happen *that's my plan for tomorrow though, don't worry*. I didn't really do a lot today, well nothing interesting at least.
I started my day right by watching Monsters Inc. because that is what should happen every Sunday. After that I became really lazy, as I usually do at this time, and took ages getting dressed. I don't remember what I did after that, which is probably better for your sanity and means you might be able to make it to the end of this post. In the afternoon me and my dad did both our own and my uncles shopping and then stayed at my uncles a while after unpacking his food. Most of my evening has been spent playing my guitar and ukulele and watching 24 - a new fascination of mine thanks to Georgina.
I realise how boring a post this has been and that if there was a prize for the most boring blog post ever, I'd probably win. But trust me, I'm not normally this boring, I hope...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 -
Write about your favourite celebrity.

I'm pretty sure that's meant to say 'celebrities'. Yeah that's go with that.
I'm so indecisive I would be here years trying to pick just one. There is so many people I look up to and admire and these are just a few of them.

Cote de Pablo
Cote is a Chilean born actress who moved to America when she was 10 and now portrays the character of Ziva David in NCIS. Although she is leaving NCIS I shall continue to follow her career and support her in every way I can. Besides her undeniable beauty, she very down to earth and is extremely grateful for all she has. The fact that she is in my favourite show does help her become one of my favourite celebrity.
Michael Weatherly
Much like Cote, Michael is also in NCIS - coincidence? I think not *Rule 39 - there's no such thing as coincidences* He is married and has a young daughter Olivia, and another baby on the way, as well as an older child from a previous relationship. I think he has strong morals and stands up for what he believes in, whilst being hilarious in pretty much everything he does. When he smiles, I smile. Simple.
Taylor Swift
Rather different from the first two people I've written about, but I have looked up to her for about five years now and I'm sure I shall continue to do so for many more. I think the ways she holds herself is admirable and so is the way she has grown up in the public eye and has remained who she is throughout this time.

I have only written about 3 people here, but I can assure you there are many more people I love endlessly including the entire cast of NCIS and all of the other shows I adore.

Friday, 2 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 2

Day 2 -
Take a picture of the most iconic thing you see today.

What I have chosen as the 'most iconic thing' I have seen today is something I see pretty much everyday, so I'm used to it being there, but I thought I'd share it with you. Its the war memorial that sits in the middle of town. It was built in 1921 (I think) and on it has the names of those who have fought and fallen for our country from World War 1, 2, and the Malayan Emergency.

May we never forget

Thursday, 1 August 2013

August Challenge - Day 1

Okay, so I created this blog a few months ago now, but after my first post, I never did anything else. I wanted to, I just wasn't too sure of what to actually write, so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity - The August Challenge. It was created by my friend Sarah (I'll put links to her stuff at the bottom) and involves writing about something different each day. So, as today is August 1st, I shall start.

Day 1-
Take the time to appreciate the people around you.

Starting with those who are literally around me right now, my parents. They are the reason I am here writing this today, and I mean that in more ways than one. They've had to put up with me for 6,173 days *what I like maths?* and so had my sister. My sister is truly amazing and I love her to pieces. In all fairness I would say that about the majority of people I meet because I think that everyone is individually beautiful and inspiring, but when it comes to my sister, I really mean it. I have a very big and confusing family with more cousins than you could imagine, but they are all wonderful creations that I am proud to say I am related to.
Next up is my friends, and I am thankful to say I have a fair few of these. They are all so caring and considerate, of which has really been proven to me over the last couple of months. They make me smile and laugh so much, especially when I shouldn't be. Memories are created on a daily basis with them, memories that I shall keep with me forever.  I saw something today that said 'Good friends talk about sex. Best friends talk about poop' it reminded me of one of my friends in particular and made me realise just how close we really are. Even though my best friend is thousands of miles away right now, I see things that remind me of her and it feels like she is by my side.
Last, but certainly not least, if all of my amazing friends I have met on twitter. No, before you jump to that conclusion, they are not 50-something men. They are beautiful people that have made a huge impact on my life in such a short space of time. Having to survive without new episodes of your favourite TV shows for four months is hard but they help to keep me sane.
I really do appreciate all those around me, and this has just shown me how lucky I am to know so many outstanding and inspiring people.

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