Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Castle // TV Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! 
Today, I thought I'd share with you a show that I have completely fallen in love with over the last year, which is Castle. 
I think my favourite genre of TV shows is crime drama's and I have no idea why, however Castle fits perfectly into this group.
The show, set in NYC, revolves around the homicide detective Kate Beckett and a male author who basically follows her around to gain inspiration for his books called Richard Castle, or at least that's how it was made out when the show first started almost 7 years ago. Now it's more a case of Kate does the detective work and Richard chimes in with these wild, imaginative ideas that some how solve the case 65% of the time. 
I've realised what I have just written sounds rather weird, and if you think about it, the concept of the show it quite original really. 
At times the show is rather light hearted, which I really like, and then once or twice each season there's a really intense storyline which could potentially make you cry *or if you're like me it will definitely make you cry* 
Castle is probably my favourite show to watch to find new music and new artists. They often include really heart wrenching songs at pinnacle points so whenever you hear that song again you instantly think of that scene. A weakness of mine is In My Veins by Andrew Belle, that song wants to make me ball my eyes out, and trust me it has done more than once.  
As previously mentioned, the namesake of the show Castle is an author and what I find incredibly amazing about is that the books this fictional character writes actually exist. You can physically buy the books written and spoken about in the show. However, the authors name on the books is Richard Castle so no one actually knows who writes these books. It has been said that it is an author that has appeared in the show before which narrows it down greatly, but still no one knows for certain who the author actually is. 
Thanks for reading! 
See you tomorrow! 

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