Monday, 18 August 2014

The Quickest Post Ever

Happy Monday! 
Technically it is still Monday, only just however. 
I promised to post everyday, so today is no exception even though it's 23:39pm and I've spent the last two hours shaking and crying hysterically and you have Miss Swift to blame for that. She just released a new single, music video, album cover and a bunch of other life changing information for a die hard Swiftie *AKA me*
I know the majority of you will be like 'well why didn't you write it earlier then' and I was going to... but I was trying to be all productive with school work and all that, which sort of, kind of, not really worked. I wrote about two pages and I have about another 50 to do. Fab. 
I promise you there shall be a better post tomorrow!
Sorry about this shamble, but thanks for reading it nonetheless!
See you tomorrow! 

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