Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Week in Pictures #1

Happy Sunday!
Woo we've successfully made it through our first week of daily blogging. I say "we've" because I sort of feel like this has been a group effort and is something to be proud about.
Now, I don't know about you but I feel like a lot has happened this week and I'm not entirely sure why. Actually that could be the fault of Miss Swift and her mysterious clue giving which never fails to make everyone go crazy.
Rambling aside, lets actually get on with what happened this week, shall we?
I went into town with my mum to do a bit of shopping and then we went to Matalan where they currently have a huge sale on so I managed to pick up a few bits *a haul shall be up in a few days* 
Judging by the pictures I have on my phone, this is also the day that Taylor released the first clue about her fifth album.
I had quick a little clear out of my wardrobe as I struggled to get my clothes out of it that morning and then I took some of the things I was getting rid of into a charity shop in town. I'm not really too sure what happened for the rest of the day, so it can't have been anything exciting!
This was a very productive day, even if I do say so myself. Everyone was out of the house by 7am so I made the most of that time and went for a run with my dog, which was surprisingly enjoyable considering I'm not really a fan of sport or exercise in general really. After a while I went into town and treated myself to The Hunger Games DVD because for some odd reason I don't actually own it. I then did some scrapbooking and prepared some things for posts that were coming later on in the week.
I did the 'big shop' as it's known in my house which is basically the weekly food shop and then I decided to tidy the cupboards in the kitchen which took about two hours as I ended up throwing away a lot of things that where out of date. I also tried my very first toffee popcorn cupcake that I had brought from Sainsbury's that morning which was very nice, especially since it had some hidden toffee inside.
I had work in the morning in my uniform which is all pretty much two sizes too big, so my trousers ended up getting ridiculously dusty at the bottom, but it was still rather fun nonetheless.
In the evening Jimmy Fallon tweeted a video that Taylor (Swift) had made of herself which completely made my day.
I woke up nice and early so I could finish off yesterdays post as I didn't have a chance to on Friday and then I went to work for a bit. I just spent the evening watching TV with my family as a new show on BBC called Tumble started about gymnastics and also Got to Dance started again which basically took up my whole evening.
I've just got in from work and now I'm writing this so not much has happened today, and chances are nothing much will. My plans are literally to sit here and just relax.
I hope you all had a great week.
See you tomorrow!

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