Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Week in Pictures #2

Happy Sunday!
Following on from what happened here on this blog last Sunday, we are going to have our second edition of My Week in Pictures which I have since noticed doesn't really contain many pictures, but we're going to go with it anyway.
On Monday I went to my friend Emily's house where we successfully did nothing productive, however I did manage to drop an ice lolly over myself and also my phone. Monday was also the day that Taylor Swift announced her livestream which is tomorrow *eeeeeekkk* 
I was at work for about 7 hours so that managed to consume the majority of my day, then after I came home and watched The Great British Bake Off which is about all that happened in the evening. 
I was, yet again, at work for a prolonged period of time. I've been called in so much this week I can barely remember when and for how long. Oh and Taylor Swift spent the day with Lena Dunham hence the picture of a cute lady with an even cuter cat. 
I went to the beach!!! It feels like I haven;t seen the sea in so long when in reality it was just a year ago. My mum, sister and I spent the day in Great Yarmouth where we did some shopping, some crazy golf playing, some sand running *which is pretty much impossible* and we also got rained on which called an end to our day at the sea side.
Surprise, surprise, I was called into work again but this time only for four hours yay! We also got a new washing machine because ours was leaking to no end, and I got a cool octopus biscuit with a face on it that made me laugh. 
Taylor Swift did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge after being tagged by Ingrid Michaelson and Lily Aldridge, and also donated thousands to the cause, which made me love her even more which I didn't know was possible. I then helped my dad fit a new kitchen floor because the leaking washing machine had ruined ours and that is pretty much my day complete! 

Thanks for reading!
See you tomorrow! 

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