Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Summer Tag!

Happy Wednesday! 
The other day I was tagged by my friend Emily to do The Summer Tag, although it feels like summer has been and gone now, but I shall do it nonetheless! 
1) Favourite bronzer for summer? 
This is a no-brainer for me as it has to be the Soap and Glory Wonderbronze, which you can read a full review of here *cheeky little plug* 
2) You're relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island, what are you sipping on?
Well first of all I would be questioning how I managed to get into the hammock in the first place because those things take some serious skill not to fall out off. Hopefully if I were on a tropical island then I would be drinking something far more interesting than plain old water, although I have no idea what exactly. 
3) Favourite summer lip product?
Lately, I've really been loving the Carmex tube lip balm in the cherry flavour/scent. I love this as it's really moisturising and also contains SPF 15 which is great for the summer. 
4) Pool or beach?
Probably beach because to me that means being on holiday which is always great, although the sand in your shoe's situation is never as fun. 
5) Summer = Crazy hair! What's your must have styling product?
My hair doesn't really tend to change in different temperatures, or at least not at the ones we have here in the UK. But I think my summer styling product is probably any dry texturing spray because when the heat has made your hair look all sweaty and gross you can use a bit and people will think you spent ages on your hair. 
6) Sun bathing or fake tan?
Ermm, neither? For me fake tan is far too risky and sun bathing just results in me getting really hot and bored.
7) Favourite summer nail polish?
I think for me this has to be the Barry M colour Heather from their silk finish line which gives the polish a slight iridescent look when your wearing it. 
8) Any summer traditions?
Not really, just relaxing and having lots of family time really. 
9) Favourite summer scent?
Surprise, it's Taylor time! This is obviously Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift for me. I just find it so bright and bold which for some reason reminds me greatly of summer. 
10) Favourite BBQ food?
I'm going to be supper boring here and say sausages. I don't really like any of the other typical BBQ foods so that all I have a choice of really. 
11) What's your favourite summer proof product?
I'm not really too sure on this one... deodorant? How unglamorous, I know, but it really is important for everyone to stock up on, especially in the summer. 
12) Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream trip...
When I was little we always used to go on holiday but now we haven't been in about the last 5 years, however I'd love to take a trip to America some day and just go to as many diffrent states as possible and soak in the fact that I'm probably in the same country as some of my favourite celebrities. That sounds super weird, I know. 
Thanks for reading!
See you tomorrow! 

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