Friday, 22 August 2014

Life Update // GCSE's and Sixth Form

Happy Friday! 
Today I thought would be a rather good time to just sit down and have a little chat, although I'm not really too sure about what yet so this could be interesting.
If you live in the UK then you probably know that yesterday was GCSE results day and having just finished year 11 I have, consequently, just finished my GCSE's. I said yesterday it feels weird to say that they are 'finished' because the last two years of my life have been working towards these exams which is how the education system works here. In September I'll spend another two years working towards some more, much harder exams. Hooray for me. And probably everyone else in the same situation as me right now. 
Me being the indecisive person I am, I still haven't chosen what subjects I'm going to be doing when I go back to school in September, but chances are it will be any four from maths, further maths, biology, English lit and lang (literature and language), psychology or textiles. Although saying that I've hardly done any of the work I need to do for maths, further maths, biology or textiles so I've got a lot to do over the next few weeks. I was hoping that getting my GCSE results would make my decision easier but it hasn't changed anything. 
I know this shouldn't be something that I worry about, but I'm rather concerned about wearing my own clothes next year as the sixth form at my school doesn't have a set uniform. I don't know why this scares me slightly, I just feel like I don't have enough clothes although the lack of space in my wardrobe suggests otherwise.
Since I truly have no idea where this post is going I feel like I should wrap it up here before it ends up a complete shamble. 
Also, today a guest post that I did on my friend Emily's blog went up so you can check that out HERE.
Thanks for reading! 
See you tomorrow! 

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