Monday, 11 August 2014

Blood Brothers ~ Ingrid Michaelson // Music Monday

Happy Monday!
Today, I thought I go back to what I used to do every week which was tell you about a song that I had been loving.
I recently discovered an American artist called Ingrid Michaelson through her song Girls Chase Boys *which I love* and since then I've fallen in love with pretty much all of her songs although lately I've really been loving her song called Blood Brothers.
I didn't actually realise how repetitive the song is until it came to writing this post but I really don't mind that at all otherwise I would have picked up on that fact much sooner.
One of my favourite lines in the song is
"We're all the same, under a different name"
 which I think sums up the whole song perfectly, and also the music video. 
I love how this song really pushes forward the idea of equality but in a different way and not just going 'yay for equality' because that could be rather boring, however true I think it is. 
I think it's equality plays a vital part in life in general and I'm very proud to say that where I live it is what is expected of a person and very one is very polite and accommodating to all. 
I love the whole concept of the music video. I think it's very original and speaks just as loud as the song does. You can watch it down below. 

Thanks for reading! 
See you tomorrow! 

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