Thursday, 21 August 2014

25 Facts About Me!

Happy Thursday! 
I released that I planned this post almost a year ago now yet for some reason I never posted it, so I thought why not now? And considering the majority of you don't really know me very well this could be a golden opportunity! 
1) My name is Kelly, I'm 16 and I live in England
2) It feels weird to think that I have now completely finished my GCSE's 
3) I play a few instruments but mainly guitar
4) It is my birthday in 12 days 
5) I watch way to much TV
6) I have an ever growing hat collection
7) I sort of have a thing for M&M's, but only the chocolate ones
8) I love anything vanilla 
9) I have a fair bit of jewellery although I always insist I have none that goes with my outfit
10) I've pretty much run out of space in my wardrobe
11) My favourite ice cream is cookie dough or vanilla 
12) I have a love/hate relationship with my glasses
13) My favourite TV show is NCIS
14) I weirdly proud of myself for not putting that as the first fact
15) I'm a really picky eater
160 I don't have a desk in my room which frustrates me greatly
17) As well as guitar I can also play the ukulele, banjo and piano
18) I'm currently writing a list of things to do before I die and have been for the past two years. I'm on number four. I think it's safe to say it isn't going too well. 
19) I've never been abroad
20) I love satchels
21) I have a dog called Twiggy that we got when I was eight
22) I have a surprisingly bad memory
23) I'm oddly excited for October for a vast number of reasons
24) I really like frappe's but I feel really guilty after having one
25) I'm struggling to think of 25 more facts 

Okay, so now you know a little more about me, although you may have never really wanted to but oh well.
Thanks for reading! 
See you tomorrow! 

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