Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Week in Pictures #3

Happy Sunday! 
It's weird to think that this could be my penultimate week in pictures post because next Sunday is the last day in August! Wow, that's gone fast. Lets savour the moment *well month* shall we? 
On Monday I decided it was finally time to start the mountains of school work that I have to do, although I wrote about half a page and my arm began to ache. That's how little I've written over the past few months. In the evening Miss Swift did her livestream where she released her new single Shake It Off and gave us all some information about her new album 1989!

I did some more school work although it seems to of hardly made a dent in my pile of things to do.
Surprise, surprise I did more work! Then I went to do some work that I actually get paid for and did pretty much nothing else all day.
Ahh, the dreaded results day as arrived. I insisted I wasn't nervous but I think the fact that I'd been up since 4am suggested otherwise. I don't think it was as bad as I thought it would be which is always a positive. After collecting my results all my friends and I gathered to have a High School Musical marathon because that's what every 16 year old does in their spare time. 
On Friday I went to my friends where we had a major catch up as I haven't really seen her for the last 5 weeks. Also, a guest post I wrote went up on my friends blog so you can check that out HERE
In the morning I went through our old family computer to check there was nothing important on it and ended up going through all my old school work in which my spelling is terrible. I had work during the evening then I came home and had a major baking fest with my sister which ended pretty close to midnight. Oops. 
Thanks for reading! 
See you tomorrow! 

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