Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Top 10 Summer Styles 2014

Happy Saturday! 
I know, I know this post is lat even by my standards but I've barely had the time to do anything today and also the lack of working wifi in my house has been an ever growing issue. 
Anyway, today I thought I'd tell you my personal top 10 styles from summer this year as the title suggests. 
1) Crop tops
2) Flower crowns 
3) Frilly socks 
4) Round sunglasses 
5) Blue eyeliner
6) High waisted shorts
7) Kimono's
8) Layered graphic tee's
9) Strapey Heels (I have no idea what else to call them)
10) Pastel prints 
There is a very high chance that I shall update this post tomorrow and make it of a higher quality but right now I am just too tired. Sorry about that. 
Thanks for reading!
See you tomorrow!

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