Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Essentials!

I feel capital letters were vital to show how excited I am for the final month of the year, simply because of the twenty-fifth day, also known as Christmas!!
For about the past month now, I've had a list of all the things I would use/wear as soon as the first day of December came.
The first item on the list is my Christmas jumper. I only own one, at the moment, which is a purple fairisle print jumper I got from Matalan last year.
A few weeks ago my mum brought me a pair of snowman mittens from Primark which were £2. I refused to wear them when I got them though, but now that it's December, I shan't be removing them!
Christmas here in the UK tends to get incredibly cold especially on the way to school in the morning wrapping up warm in scarfs and gloves is very important if you don't want to freeze. I've still not decided what hat and scarf  I will wear for the majority of this season, but its probably between my cream and my burgundy pair.
Those who know me will know that I have a rather weird obsession with socks, so Christmas ones are a must have for me. I have a pair with Christmas tree's on them, some with reindeers, penguins and snowflakes!
Ever since I was little, I've always had chocolate coins at Christmas, and this year is no different. I brought some last week and they're sitting by my bed as they make a great little motivational snack whilst I'm revising.
I've also been listening to Christmas music at every opportunity I've had today. I really love all the old Christmas songs that I remember dancing to with my dad when I was little.
I can't wait until I decorate my room and the rest of my house in the coming weeks.
Have a great week!

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