Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Havoc!

Pumpkin fairy lights from 'Poundland'
Happy Halloween!
Or should it be scary Halloween or haunted Halloween? I've never really got that...
Anyway, if you haven't already guessed today is Halloween!
Living in England Halloween it isn't really big a deal, especially compared to America, but it is definitely growing in popularity. When I was younger, my family never really celebrated it as I wasn't allowed to go 'trick-or-treating' but now I'm older, me and my sister have taken celebrating Halloween into our own hands.
So, here are our essentials for celebrating Halloween!
One of our favourite things to do is carve a pumpkin. However, me being the rather creative person I am, its never just your average squares and triangles placed strategically to make a face, oh no, it has to be something 'arty-farty'. I decided to carve one of my favourite scenes from my favourite show NCIS, silhouettes of Tony and Ziva dancing in the season 10 episode entitled 'Berlin'. In order to carve this I drew out the shape I wanted on a piece of paper, cut it out and stuck it to the pumpkin and used this as a guard. As the design was quite intricate and fiddly, I resulted to using multiple cocktail sticks to carve out the design which lengthened the process greatly but I am pretty pleased with the result!
Left: My pumpkin. Right: The picture it is based on
Usually me and my sister do some Halloween baking but didn't get a chance to this year as my sister went to see Jessie J last night *the lucky devil* and didn't get back until 2:30am so she was rather tired. We usually make cupcakes and put white icing on them followed by 3 black circles of piped icing (maybe more depending on the size of the cake) and make lines through them using a cocktail going from the centre outwards to make spider webs.
Me and my sister also like to play games on Halloween, and force my parents into playing them too. One of the classics is apple bobbing, where you put apples in a big bowl/bucket of water and have to get them out using only your mouth. To make it extra fun (and disgusting) we also put a few lemons in there as well which are horrible to bite into! Another game we often play is the mummy game. This is where you each have a toilet roll and have to wrap it round the other person making them into a mummy. The person who makes the best mummy or uses up there toilet roll the fastest wins.
Of course you can't have Halloween without sweets! The door to my house is down a little ally that gets quite dark in the evening so we don't tend to get many 'trick-or-treaters', in fact last year I don't think we got any, but that doesn't stop us from buying chocolate. This year we have 'Maltesers' and 'Milky Way' to hand out *or to eat myself...*. At Halloween you also get all these spooky editions of regular treats. This year we got these Cadburys 'Spoooky cake bars' in which there is a green slime that tastes of strawberry. That fascinates me way too much.
I hope you all have a great Halloween!

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