Sunday, 13 October 2013

OOTD - Outfit Of The Day

Happy Sunday!
So today, like most Sundays really, was a lazy day, so dressing for comfort was a must. I found my outfit today surprisingly comfortable, and I had fun layering some items and experimenting with them a little as it was my first time wearing them *first OOTD - eeek!*

*excuse the mess - that's my sister's room*
As I normally do, I just wore a pair of blue jeans to avoid drawing attention to the weird things that are my legs. I should probably experiment more in what I wear on my legs, but for now I think a trusty pair of jeans will do me just fine.
I paired a light pink jumper with a collared shirt, so the collar was visible. I got this jumper for my birthday as a present from my sister, and it's the first time I've warm it as it's only just started getting cold enough to wear thicker clothes all day long. The knitted jumper is a pale pink with little bits of purple, yellow and a brighter pink wool mixed in. That sounds rather odd, but it's only visible if you look closely, but makes a nice addition to the overall style of the jumper.    
*Yes I know, that is possibly the worst, most pointless collage ever*
I got this top last year and is also from New Look (well technically my sister brought it but decided she didn't like it and gave it to me). It's a sort of burgundy/red wine colour. The thing I really love about this top, and what makes it stand out for me, is the Peter-Pan collar. The collar has a pretty lace pattern and has a slightly scalloped edge to it. I don't often wear this shirt on it's own, I tend to layer it with jumpers as I have today.
I always seem to have a piece/pieces of jewellery that I wear all the time, and right now it's these rings. The one on the left is from Pandora and the one on the right is from Argos.
These boots are from last winter so are getting quite tatty now, but I continue wearing them anyway. They have a row of rounded studs at the toe, and the same studs on the back of the heel. I've worn them so much some of the studs have fallen off and there's a hole forming in the back from where I walk weirdly. They're nice and cosy as they have a fluffy lining and are especially lovely when paired with thick socks in the winter.  
 I've just realised that the only part of my outfit I brought myself are my turtle socks. Or are they tortoises? Either way they're cute. My jeans and top are both hand-me-downs, I got my jumper and Pandora ring for my birthday, my other ring and boots for Christmas.
What from where and all that stuff:
1. 'Love' Jumper - New Look
2. Jeans - Krisp  (old)
3. Peter-Pan Collar Top - New Look  (old)
4. 'Purple Twist Ring' - Pandora
5. 'Wishbone' ring - Argos
6. Studded Biker Boots - New Look  (old)

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