Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Forever and Always

Happy Wednesday!
We have arrived at that part of the week again were I tell you all about the song I've had on repeat for the last week. Although this week, I decided the song that I'm going to write way to much about and then changed my mind, then changed it back again until I finally came up with this idea. I'm going to write about two songs *whaaaaaaat*
As these songs have the same name I thought it would be rather confusing doing two posts with the same title. The two songs are both called Forever and Always, one by Taylor swift *shock horror* and the other by Parachute.

Although these songs have the same title, they have completely different meanings, but I love them both equally. Maybe. Okay, so I love the Taylor one more but that's only because I've known it for longer and have probably listened to it over 1,000 times, no word of a lie. I don't really care about who this song is or isn't about, I just care about the music itself, and that Tay is happy but that might be a side affect of my not-so-little obsession over her.
This song is about losing someone after they had said that they'd promised to always be there for you. With every relationship gone bad I think there is always I part of you that blames yourself, even just for a little while and this song expresses that perfectly. One of the lyrics that describes this is
"was I out of line? 
Did I say something was too honest, made you run and hide, 
like a scared little boy"
I second version of this song was released a year or so after the first, however this contained just Taylor's voice and a piano. I am in awe of this. I absolutely love it to pieces. I think it holds so much more emotion than the original and is slightly more personal because of it.

The second version of this song is by an American band called Parachute. I'd had heard a few of there songs before stumbling upon this one, but had never really taken much of an interest in them before.
This song tells what appears to be a very personal story which doesn't really require much interpretation as it's pretty narrative. I just love the theme of absolute love and adoration that is never ending despite the fact that a life is. I think this song is so sweet and touching, I love it.

Thanks for reading, see you on Sunday!

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