Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We Are Like Young Volcanoes...

Happy Wednesday! 
The other week when I was going through the world of 8Tracks, as I spend most of my time doing, this song popped up in a playlist and I thought I vaguely recognised it. After doing a bit of research *AKA Google-ing it*  I found out that it has been used in one of the recent Windows adverts. 'This song' as I've referred to it for the past two sentences is Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy. 
It's such a happy and jolly song and so sort of reminds me of summer for some reason. 
I think the term 'young volcanoes' is a bit of a weird one to use though, but if you sit and think about it, as I often do, then it starts to make sense. Personally, I think it's referring to teenagers and how they don't know what they are capable of, both good and bad, much like a new (young) volcano.
This song caries the idea of leaving all of your worries behind and just having fun and being free; much like summer for many people. One of the first lines of the song is 'We are the lions free of the coliseums,' which suggests great independence as if you are just breaking out of your little shell, as it were, and experience the world for the first time.
I really do love this song at the moment, and it will definitely be appearing in my summer playlist! 
Thanks for reading, see you on Sunday!

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