Wednesday, 12 February 2014

You Belong With Me

Happy Wednesday! 
Originally, today's post was going to be about my favourite song from the Red tour that I went to see on Monday, which I will go into more detail of on Sunday. Now that all sounds well and good until it comes down to the mater of actually picking my favourite song. They're so many to choose from and I think it might be impossible. I don't really want to go into too much detail on the tour it's self because that's what Sundays post is for but it's sort of hard not to. 

I'm not really too sure if it's my favourite song/performance from the evening but it's definitely up there, and that's You Belong With Me. I've loved this song since it came out on Taylor's second album Fearless back in 2008, but the live version they played just took the song to a whole other level. 
They added trumpets to the introduction which gave the song a whole other feel entirely and, to me, made it feel quite jazzy and vintage for some reason and also including strong harmonies throughout which were all note perfect. Although these harmonies were rather bold and could be argued that they ruin the piece I personally love them as they add style and feeling and really added to the whole experience of it being a live performance. 
I really love the way this performance was put together with Taylor and her four (amazing) backing singers rising up of what is sort of reminds me of a metal crate and disappearing again after along with all the little synchronised dance moves that they all did together. 
Once again, this has ended up being quite a short post, sorry about that.
Thanks for reading, see you Sunday! 

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