Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Red Tour

Happy Sunday! 
I am currently sitting on a train on the way home from London at 23:42 writing this post. Today, Monday 10th February, was the day I had been counting down to for so long. Over four months to (sort of) be exact. Today, I saw Taylor Swift. I'm now thinking that many of you will see that as quite an anticlimax but it's practically midnight and I'm slowing coming down from the cloud I've been floating around on all day.
Today was well and truly amazing. I knew it would be though, it's Taylor Swift, I expect nothing less! The concert, that's what I went to by the way - I don't think I've said that yet, extended all of my expectations. Every single one of them. It was probably one of the best nights of my life. 

After constantly telling everyone I spoke to how many hours it was until I say Tay *yes, that what I call her, we are practically best friends after all* throughout the day, I rushed home from school and practically ran to the train station with my mum to meet my friends. Much to my surprise, we weren't the only ones lucky enough to get to see Taylor that night from my town, as we saw people at the station all decked out in concert gear and then more on the train too. We made it to London and figured out those ever confusing tube maps grabbed some dinner and successfully made it to the O2. I had never been before so I didn't really know what to expect, but I didn't really think that it looked that big when I first saw it but once we were inside it was huge. We joined the queue *well it was more of a crowd really* at the merchandise stand and everyone was just talking to each other about how excited they were and complementing each other on their outfits and signs; the atmosphere was amazing. My mum brought me a top and a bracelet as the tickets and whole connect experience was my Christmas present and I also brought my self another top and the tour book. 

After we took our seats we had a little wait until The Vamps came on in which time my mum and I managed to eat nearly a whole bag of Haribo *oops*. The Vamps came on and played a small set which lasted about half an hour. I didn't really know what to expect from them, as they were only the supporting act, but they were quite good actually. I'd watched some of their covers on YouTube before and loved them, so I was glad I had the opportunity to see them live. Although part way through the set Connor, the guitarist, walked too far down the centre of the stage and fell off the end. I didn't even realise that anything had happened until the end of the song when he was back up on stage and was asked if he was okay by the lead singer. Luckily he was. There was a short break between The Vamps finishing and Taylor Swift starting, in which time the area became completely full. 

Then finally, the lights went down, the noise level went up and out came Taylor. I pretty much just spent the next two hours singing, screaming and dancing. It was unbelievable. I had a rough idea of what songs would be included but I hadn't caved in and watched videos of the performances beforehand. The second song was Holy Ground and during which Taylor and all of her dancers played these massive flashing drums and the dancers were sort of flung up in the air attached to them. I was not expecting that to happen. The majority of the songs were from Red, but there was also Fearless, Love Story and You Belong With Me from Fearless and also Mean and Sparks Fly from Speak Now. At one point, Tay came off the stage *on purpose, not like Connor* and went through the crowd during a song then continued it on a smaller stage in the middle of the floor seats know as the B-Stage. Here she performed some beautiful acoustic song with just her guitar and it acted as a little break in the show. Possibly one of the most memorable parts was when the surprise special guest came which was *drum roll please* Emeli Sande! They performed Next To Me and it was amazing! Everyone was singing along and seemed to be having such a good time like it was a party. I also vividly remember the performance of All To Well. It was stunning. Taylor went and sat at the top of the stage and played piano throughout the song. The crowd all sang along rather loudly here as though showing there support, which was amazing. Caitlin, one of the musicians, played a fiddle solo at one point and it was literally breath taking; but that's probably just the music geek in me talking. I kept thinking that the concert was going to end soon and wishing it wouldn't, but I guess all good things must come to an end *oh so cheesy*. The last song was We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and it was such a big performance to end the night on. It was circus themed with people of stilts and lots of amazing dancers all over the place.
I ended up getting home at a half twelve in the morning and not falling asleep until about two, but somehow I wasn't even tired the next day. 

I'm sort off running out of wording to describe this unforgeable night now so I guess I will stop here. Congratulations if you've made it this far because this has probably been the longest post ever. I would just like to thank my parents for buying me the tickets for Christmas and my mum for going with me. I can't thank you enough. Best. Present. Ever.
Thanks for reading; see you on Wednesday for what I can guarantee will be a shorter post.  

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