Sunday, 6 April 2014

'Spring Has Sprung' Tag

Happy Sunday! 
A few weeks ago, I was tagged by my friend Emily to do the 'Spring has sprung' tag, so without further ado, here it is! 

1. What are some spring trends you're looking forward to the most?
I really can't wait to start living in pastels again, especially some cute shades of pink which seems to be an upcoming trend for the next few months. 
2. What's your favourite spring clothing piece?
I don't really think I can pick one, but it is probably one of the many lace or floral dresses that I own. In fact, I think they're all lace or floral, or both for that matter. 
3. What do you do during your spring break?
Well this year it's all about revision for me as I have my GCSE's next month and the month after too. But, of course, I shall spend time with my friends and family too. 
4. Is it warm or cold during spring where you live?
Ermm, both? We're a good couple of weeks into spring now, but it still rained over night. But I live in England so I've sort of grown to expect that. 
5. What's your favourite spring lip colour?
Generally, my favourite lip colour is a bright, bold pink in the spring time, but I'm pretty sure extremely bold colours don't really suit me; or I'm just too scared to wear them. One of the two. So for me, I tend to wear slightly darker, less in-your-face colours, like a muted pink or red. 
6. Favourite spring nail polish colour?
Any pastel colour really. I've got some pastel purple nail varnish sitting next to me right now waiting to be used after I've finished writing this. 
7. Favourite Spring colour?
Probably any light, pastel-y colour really, although lately I have been loving everything powder pink.
8. Favourite Starbucks drink during spring? 
Ermm, water? Does that count? I'm not really a Starbucks drink girl, their cookies however, that's a whole other story...
9. Do you add colour to your makeup for spring? 
Sometimes, if I'm feeling adventurous that is. But even then, it'd be the slightest possible change that only I and the most observant of people would notice, like a slightly pinker blush or something. 
10. What are you most excited about for spring 2014? 
Easter. Just because I get chocolate and the Frozen DVD (hopefully). Oh and to see family and stuff... yeah? 
Thanks for reading, see you on Wednesday! 

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