Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Say Something

Happy Wednesday!
Continuing with the little series I started last week about music (you can check out last weeks post here) this week I will be reviewing-ish another song. I say 'reviewing-ish' because its sort of a review but it's mainly just my feelings towards a piece of music of which I happen to find beautiful. But a review is just basically your thoughts and feelings towards something so I guess you could call this a review, but I'm not really helping you make an informed decision on anything like you would if this were a product you were thinking about buying. Although, it could be, you could be deciding whether or not to buy this song. Okay, I'm putting way to much thought into this.

This weeks song is Say Something by A Great Big World. This is the first song by them I have heard by this band but I'm definitely going to check out more of there music.
When I first heard this song I automatically assumed that it was sad purely because of the tempo and instruments, but after really listening to the lyrics I started to think about it in a different way.
I think that this song is incredibly personal for the person who wrote it but because of that so many more people can relate to it because it is true and honest. I love songs like that, ones that you can relate to at some point in your life, they're my favourite.
Although the main repeated line of this song is 'say something I'm giving up on you' I don't really think that this song is about giving up, but more about moving on from a relationship where you had tried so hard for it all to work but in the end you had to realise what is best for yourself in all of this and walk away.
I love this song and I'm pretty sure it's made it onto my list of favourites.
Thanks for reading, see you Sunday!

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