Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 Round Up!

Happy first day of 2014 everyone!
An awful lot happened last year some good, some bad, but I can only hope that next year will be better. Until I thought about writing this post I had forgotten about a lot of the good things that happened this year, especially those from the first few months, because I had been so focused on the negatives. Of course you can't just forget about the bad things that happen because without them, I think that there would be no good, or at least, it wouldn't be as good anyway. Dwelling on the past doesn't get you anywhere, so here are the highlights of my year. 
The day after I went back to school after the Christmas holidays, I had the first of my three science exams which were for a real GCSE, not a practice. It meant revising all over Christmas but it was worth it in the end as I got an A. These exams seem like such a long time ago now when really it wasn't even a year ago. 
I also went to a lovely family meal to celebrate my 75th birthday. 
February seems to be a rather boring month, well either that or I just can't remember anything from it. 
In March I joined Twitter which lead to me making so many new friends that I adore and I honestly wouldn't change this experience at all, I've loved every minute of it and I hope it continues for as long as possible. 
I went on a geography trip to Cambridge to collect information for my course work, and whilst I was there, a fire occurred at my school and everyone got sent home. That's not really a good thing, but it's most definitely memorable and I'm just grateful that not too much damage was done and that no one was hurt. I also went on a little bowling and shopping trip with all of my friends which was amazing and we all hope to do the same thing in 2014.
In the 5th month of 2013 I celebrated my sisters 22nd birthday and my friend Katie's 15th for which we all went shopping and then to Nando's which was amazing. Me and my friend Emily created a fort in her room and spent the day stuffing our faces with food and watched Pitch Perfect and laughed our buts of at a bit of Michael McIntrye. All my favourite TV shows went on hiatus which turned out to be a rather painful four months, but we shan't go into that. I also created this blog in May and then I completely forgot about it for a few months (oops).
I went out to dinner with a few of my friends for my friend Laura's 15th birthday with was great although I ended up eating a salad (eew). It was also my mums birthday in June which meant cake and lots of family time in the sun. I went on a school trip to a  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) day at a local-ish museum which ended up being a lot of fun making paper aeroplanes and going round real ones. I also went to my local 'Duck Race' with probably my two oldest friends Jaye and Rosey and there is never a dull moment with those two!
WOOHOO We finally broke up from school for the summer holidays but before that I had a fair few practice exams to take, which went quite well, and sports day too, which included paint each others faces with war paint and surprisingly little sport. I also went on a school geography trip to the beach which I was quite apprehensive to go on but turned out to be a great day with the majority of my friends. In July there was the unfortunate passing of Cory Monteith, an actor from one of my favourite TV shows Glee, who will never be forgotten.
This was probably my favourite month of the year because apart from some homework I was free from school and I started to use my blog again and really enjoyed it too. I also went to the zoo with my mum and dad and spent a day in London with my sister which was great. My friend Emily had a birthday party after leaving me for 5 weeks which was an unforgettable night with all of my closest friends. This month also saw the shocking death of an actor from one of my all-time favourite shows Rizzoli and Isles, Lee Thompson Young. Rest in Peace Lee.
It was, of course, back to school for me but not before celebrating my 16th birthday with my friends and family which was wonderful! I was engulfed by the world of school once again and consequently never really did anything else. Although, this month brought the end of hiatus so all of my favourite TV shows were back with new episodes to help me get through school.
I don't really think that much happened in October, blame school.
We had a week off school at the start of November (and the end of October) in which I relaxed a lot, watched TV, a spent time with my friends and family. I also had my schools A-Level option evening which left me with the tremendous task of picking what A-Levels I want to do from September onwards. After much deliberation, I ended up picking biology, business, maths and further maths - what, I like maths? The day after options evening I had 'Learning Planning Day' where you basically have to go into school for 15 minutes to discuss targets and progress, after which I went and goofed around with my friend which resulted in us playing with Nerf guns for literally hours.
The first half of December for me was spent revising for what seems like forever as I had 12 mock exams in under a week, although whilst we were doing them, we did get to go home about two hours early, so that was a plus. I almost forgot that I also went to the Clothes Show Live and Winter Wonderland quite near the start of the month which were both two amazing days, albeit rather tiring. Once all the exams were out of the way I could finally get in the Christmas spirit! I spent the evening of the day we broke up with all my friends at a 'Secret Santa' party and then there was only a few days left until Christmas day itself! I had a great Christmas with my family being spoilt rotten, then it was New Years eve and now we're here! The last week or so has all sort of rolled into one and School seems like a distant memory, unfortunately I have to go back there in 5 days so I best start preparing myself.

In 2014, I want to focus a bit more on my blog and so I'm going to try and post every other Wednesday as well as every Sunday, although I currently have very few idea's for up coming posts so any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Have a great week (or what's left of it)!

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